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Acceptance is for the Weak.


Okay, fine. I guess I *will* have to accept that winter is here and I will reluctantly bring in my patio furniture. This time of year is hard for many of us. We simply just want to hibernate and/or run away to a beach and live on coconut juice. I think this means it's time for me to crank up another Winter Resolution series, eh? Want to join me? I could sure use some company to keep up my morale! … [Read more...]

The Winter Resolution series: Bush party! (shhhh … pass it on)

Keogan cabin, Gatineau Park

When I was a teenager, every so often word would spread that a "bush party" was going to take place on the weekend. Unlike the "house party" which took place at some poor unsuspecting parent's home while they were away, a "bush party" involved no house, just a location in the woods somewhere. The two types of parties still shared some commonalities -- no parents, underage drinking and police showing up. The last item on the list being why the … [Read more...]

The Winter Resolution series: I did it!


The last item on my winter resolution list was: "Go on winter hike in the Adirondack mountain range." It certainly seemed a lofty goal for a book-worm gal like me, but hey, I put it out there in writing on my blog and while I don't mind being a private wimp, I don't like being a public wimp. So off we went to Lake Placid this weekend! I'd had the weekend booked with the grandparents for months but somehow it crept up on me. Friday was a … [Read more...]