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Cool Cafes: Jimolly’s Bakery Cafe, Truro, Nova Scotia

After a half-decent roadtripping sleep in a roadtripping hotel, a parent needs — NEEDS — a good coffee before hitting the road again. Hubby and I were up and circling the streets of Truro on just such a hunt when we spotted a sign for Jimolly’s Bakery Cafe. We had come here to witness a tidal bore (this did not happen) on our road trip from Ottawa to Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and we did not have high expectations — just a spot of caffeine and a bite to eat before pushing off again.

But, pleasantly, Jimolly’s turned out to be a real gem of a joint. First of all, they served espresso coffee. Naturally, this helped put them in our good books right away. Then, while we were waiting for our food, the kids were happy to play. Any restaurant that provides a play area —  however small — also moves up a rank in our good books too. This allowed the kids to be up and stretching their legs while Hubby and I could have a few moments of peace with our drug of choice.

As you can tell from the photo of this little play area, the cafe had a funky, eclectic vibe to it with its decor. From this big ol’ stone fire place pictured above, to a full-sized horse wagon perched above a door, to interesting knick-knacks of all sorts.

And last but not least, the food was fresh and delicious. The kids had peanut butter on toast ($1.50 each) while Hubby and I had the most mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches ($4.25 each). I was trying to figure out what exactly was making the breakfast sandwich so darn delicious,  and then I realized it was the ultra-fresh english muffins (made by the Brookfield Bakery). So I bought two packs of those muffins to bring with us to the cottage in Hubbards (a pack of 6 = $2.30) — so yum!

All in all, it was a perfect spot for a break. If you’re passing through, I’d recommend it to you too! The young woman who was working was so friendly and helpful, the ladies’ bathroom was very clean and had a baby change table, and all of the items on the menu were reasonably priced.


  1. KimberleyMSmith says:

    I am so glad that you enjoyed your visit to NS, and that we could help make it even more pleasurable. 
    – Jimolly’s manager Kimberley Smith 

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