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Sightseeing in Seattle

It’s Sunday evening and I am sitting in an airport waiting. Although actually seeing new places keeps me alive, the travel to get there is so tedious. And I seem to dislike it more with each passing year.

I’m returning from Seattle. I flew in on Wednesday afternoon for work, and despite a busy schedule and it raining cats and dogs the whole time I was there, I managed to get to see a lot of the city’s sights. It’s a cool city. Sort of feels a bit like Vancouver and a bit like Sydney to me.

How about while I’m waiting, I share some pics with you? (No, you don’t really get a choice … it’s sort of like when your grandparents pulled out the ol’ slide machine. And if you’re too young to remember that, well, you missed some good times. Good times.)

Seattle folks *really* love their city!


Pedestrian path leading down to the waterfront.


Pike Market just before opening hours.


Fresh catch!


Clam chowder for breakfast (surprisingly awesome!)


In the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum. No idea.


Streetscape at 5th Avenue (note the Nordstrom's!)


Outside view of the Seattle Aquarium.


Inside the EMP Museum (Nirvana exhibit was on)


The Space Needle (and SUN!!!)


And last but not least: the Seattle donut (with hot chocolate sauce, no less!)


  1. carmenhill says:

    Love your pics! Where did you end up going for dinner?

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, I didn’t do a sit-down dinner anywhere in Seattle. Just grab and go stuff. Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  2. A city i would love to visit!  (w/o the rain please!)

  3. Great pics! I love Ottawa, but somehow I don’t think I could bring myself to get a tattoo….

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