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School for Bloggers: Snapshots from last week in New York City (#BWENY12)

I was in NYC to attend Blog World and New Media Expo (which has just been renamed to New Media Expo, since it’s about far more than blogging.) It was a very full schedule with something for everyone!

In the same conference center, Book Expo America takes place. It is the size of at least two football fields of book publishers and independent authors sharing their wares. I was particularly excited to stumble upon some fantastic books for tween girls. I’m going to try to write more on this a bit later.

While in NY, I was staying with good friends. They have hectic work schedules, but we managed to all get out together for a meal at Prime Meats. Delicious! (I had a chicken breast, over a barley risotto.)

After day 2 of the conference, I walked my butt right into the Broadway district and managed to secure a “standing” seat for the show Newsies. It was fabulous! In particular, the male lead really captivated.

The Bloggess is so huge now. Rosie O’Donnell showed up to one of her book signings. But here she is at the closing keynote session for BlogWorld. I hope she gets super rich to go along with her fame.

After all the conference was said and done, I asked a cabbie to bring me to SoHo. That very week, Dwell Studios had opened a flagship store and I wanted to check it out. It was the smallest “flagship” store I’d ever seen. But I still fawned over everything. I will post more photos of the store to the Coffee with Julie facebook page if you’re interested.


  1. Newsies! would love to see that- good for kids?

    • I really enjoyed it! I can’t think of any reason why kids couldn’t see it … can’t recall anything frightening, crude, or inappropriate. Great to see a full dance troupe of men on the stage!

  2. look these snapshots!!

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