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What to Pack for a White Water Canoe Course: At the Campsite

Okay, we already covered what to pack for the water in this post. And now that the course is over, I can say with certainty that the gear for water worked out very well. The only thing I didn’t enjoy were the “dork straps” for my sunglasses because they hurt my ears. (I have very delicate and petite ears. They’re like butterflies really. Precious, special butterflies.)

Here’s what I packed and wore at the campsite:

what to wear at the campsite

 1. Hat for sun protection (old, from my closet)

2. Bug spray. More hardcore than we usually use, I bought a DEET 30%. Totally worth the chemical bath as the campsite was swarming with mosquitoes. $10.99.

3. Rain jacket. This was by far the single most expensive gear I’ve bought in my life. But if you are stuck outside with no shelter, you need a solid rain jacket — one that will keep you dry for hours, even in pouring rain. I tried on countless Ladies jackets. But in the end, I chose this Men’s jacket. I feel more comfortable with the fit and it was by far the best price for its high-end quality. Patagonia brand, Red. Men’s Large. Regular price $519.99. Sale price $260.00.

4. Dry undies to change into for the campsite (from my closet).

5. Dry socks and closed toe shoes (in my case, a pair of running shoes from the closet).

6. Long pants to keep the mosquitoes off the skin. Detailed in this post in the “Practical outfit.”

7. Dry shirt. For a number of reasons, I chose to bring my Unicorn Success Club shirt. Read the story behind this shirt here. I am forever indebted to The Bloggess for allowing me entry into such a hallowed and rarefied club. For the price of $22.95, you too can be a member.

8. Long sleeve shirt to keep the sun and bugs off of me. Men’s Large quick-dry shirt. Regular price $75. Sale price $60.


  1. I very much enjoyed the way your pants fit you. They looked GOOD, which is totally weird for quick dry pants.

  2. Kerry, you totally sound like you are hitting on me with that comment! :) But since I know you and that your heart belongs to JT, I will accept the fact that no one in the right mind would hit on me while wearing those quick dry pants! I feel like I have snowpant bum in them.

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