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Drum roll please …

Voila! A fresh new design, just for us!

I really hope you like love it. Yes, I’m using the “l” word here. Too much? Okay, I’m pretty invested. But I really do hope you like it lots and lots.

Check out these features designed to make the blog more friendly for you:

  • Categories: Along the top are the categories of Living, Family, Travel and Media. This means that is you can’t stand reading about diapers and kids’ birthday parties (the Family category), you can skip right along to Media category and read about the latest headlines, movies or books that are being buzzed about.I’m a huge design fan, so please take a moment to ooh and ahh on how different coffee stains appear when you click on one of these categories!
  • Category Icons: Speaking of fun design, please note how each category has its own illustrated icon. For Travel, there’s a travel coffee mug, for Family, there is a group of coffee cups, and so on. These will appear along the left side of any posting. This will alert you to which category you’re reading.When you’re reading the post, you don’t need to view a big long list of tags or categories if they are no interest to you. But if you are interested, at the bottom of each posting you’ll be able to view what they are with a groovy drop-down.
  • Search: Was there something in particular you were looking for? Did you want to track down one of my gourmet (snicker, snicker) recipes? Just use the handy-dandy search feature right underneath the Bio box.
  • Share: If you like a post, please feel free to share it with others! At the bottom of each posting, you’ll see a feature that will allow you to easily share the posting with your facebook friends, or anyone else you think might like it.

Naturally, I’m open to feedback and further suggestions. Blogging is a big learning process for me and I’m enjoying the ride. Social media rocks.

Last but not least, all thanks and praise need to go to AN Design Communications for design, Brendan Osborne for coding, and SoHo Portal for hosting and tech support. These folks are local Ottawa suppliers, so if you happen to need any good help, I can strongly vouch for them.


  1. LOVE the new design. My favourite part is the coffee stains that appear on the menu when you rollover. So cute!

  2. Julie, I love it! Good work! I gotta go, I’m going to make some coffee….

  3. Looks good Julie, I too love the coffee stains!! And I need you to tell me the secret behind the keystroke-through-the-word trick. Hmph.

    Look forward to reading more. xo

  4. I love it!
    It’s very you. :)

  5. oooooh, aaah, i also like the coffee stains and the deliciously new look.Looking forward to our next cuppa.

  6. very nice jules!

  7. Lovely design. Are you still using WordPress, or have you gone rogue?

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