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Spring Fever!

Spring fever is real. SO real for us Canucks! The weather was so gorgeous this past weekend that all the neighbours were out front of their houses washing cars, kids riding bikes, and big smiles all around.

One big way that spring fever hits me is my wardrobe. I look at it and think — it needs a complete overhaul! But, alas, I looked at my budget and thought — nope, not gonna happen! However, I did pop over into our local Superstore and treated myself to a couple of cute things from the Joe Fresh line.

I tried this blouse on with pants in a gorgeous mustard colour (yes, I realize not everyone thinks mustard is a gorgeous colour, but I love it!). Unfortunately, the pants looked very strange on me — fitted at the top and then massive flares at the bottom. But I went for the blouse anyhow, thinking that I could easily pair it with black pants for work. Price: $39.

I also brought home a cute marine dress for $29. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore a dress to work. Or a skirt for that matter. I certainly won’t look like one of Joe Fresh’s emaciated models (they seem to be ultra-thin these days, don’t they? I don’t remember them being so thin when Joe Fresh first launched) in the dress, but whatever, I’m still going to wear it.

And one more thing. A cute little satiny blouse that I thought could dress-up a pair of jeans for $24. Actually, looking at this picture, it doesn’t look that cute. But it’s looks better in real life, I swear.

Does spring make you want to run out and re-haul your wardrobe? Any good finds to share with us here at Coffee with Julie?


  1. very timely Julie, as I am about to go sort through my closet. Alas, another year has passed, and nobody nominated me for TLC’s “What Not to Wear”.  darn!

    I like the styles at Joe, but besides a dress I bought to use as a beach cover-up, I haven’t had good luck with the clothes……… every top i have bought has shrunk or stretched or gotten small holes in them after washing.  Oh, and I do have a denim skirt from JF that i love as well. 

  2. I love Joe Fresh and with their afforable prices I simply assume that the piece(s) will last the season and not beyond. If they last beyond, all the better…but if not, it’s ok. And the kids stuff!!!! Oh so cute. Especially for girls. Alas, my girl gets truckloads of handmedowns so I hardly ever get to shop for her….

    Still. You make me want to go shopping now. :)

    • I agree that their kids clothes are so adorable! And you really can’t beat the prices, that’s for sure! I bought a pair of pants for my son for 3.99 :) Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  3. Katie Squires says:

    I love JOE…love how cute and stylish the clothing is…love the price point..and that I can sneak it into the “grocery” budget :) wink

  4. My DH has lots of luck with the Joe line. He loves it. Me it is hit and miss. And like you my budget isn’t huge. Now if I could just win the lotto Max…

    • It was a bit hit and miss for mr too. I didn’t care for how the pants fit me, and many of the blouses were too tight on my arms (and of course, that is a prob with the clothes not my arms! Haha!) Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  5. I buy their T-shirts – they are thick enough cotton that they are not see through, they fit me well and you can get all colours for 8.-, can’t beat that. I have some for 3 or more seasons and they are doing great and I wash them ALOT. I am also lucky that I can buy the shoes in the kids section – ballet flats for $16 not bad at all even if I wear them out completely. I buy girls party dresses there – great selection for $24 and their colours are much prettier than other stores I find and I get all my boys Jeans there as they are the only ones that are long enough and don’t slide off his tiny bum. Hubby gets compliments all the time on the Polo shirts I got him there and again they are holding up very well in the wash. So – yes to Joe for me.

    • coffee with Julie says:

      A friend passed down a bunch of cotton long-sleeve shirts from Joe. I agree that they wash so well and literally never wear out! It will be interesting to see if some of the blouses last as long. (You are lucky to wear kids’ sizes! The shoes are soooo cute!)

  6. NK_StyleingwithChildren says:

    I love Joe :) especially their sequin pieces in the winter months and the dress shirts for the summer :) the sizes fit really well. I keep meaning to try on bottom, the orange “jeans” are calling my name this season. But I have yet to fit change rooms into my grocery route :)

    I’m a HUGE fan of Winners. And while its selection has been better, I LOVE both the browsing and the feeling of the hunt :) I would say that more than half my wardrobe is from there. 

    oh, and Joe’s striped shirts are really awesome. classic, and comfy :)

    • coffee with Julie says:

      You are just like my Mom — she loves the hunt! As for me, I used to love the hunt, but now I just want “quick – give it to me now!” So, I only do the shoe aisle at Winner’s since it takes no hunting or sifting time. Also, I did try on the coloured jeans. I think coloured jeans are really fresh and fun, but I did find them a little short on me (perhaps that is the style though).

  7. Yep, I made a clothes run too. A dress, a floral spring jacket and a pair of shorts.

  8. Margaret B Harrison says:

    well we must have been in sync – was out myself kiddo. Glad to see all that shopping therapy we did when you were a preteen/teen has paid off! You know how to find good value and nice things AND when you are sick of them won’t feel bad chucking them out after one season. I also love the ‘hunt’ like NK.

    • coffee with Julie says:

      I definitely learned from the best! And I’m sure I will enjoy the “hunt” again when life doesn’t seem so hectic … not sure when that will be, but a girl can hope, right?

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