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Twas the night before birthday

‘Twas the night before birthday, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (okay, maybe a fruit fly or two).

The tent was hung in the backyard with care,

In hopes that St. Birthday Fairy soon would be there;

The child and her father were nestled all snug in their sacks,

While visions of Pokémon and DS games danced in her head.

Now mama was draped in her flannel pjamas,

And had just settled down off her feet,

Where inside she stayed with her babe, lit’l Max.

She looked out the window in clear mystification:

How had eight years flown by like a flash?

And now her once-baby, a girl so lively and quick.

To the top of the porch ol’ mama she went,

Headlamps were dashing about in the nylon tent,

And the air started to chill with autumn  scent.

So back up to the house this misty mama went,

With visions of birthdays to come in her head…

The years were all flying and swirling away.

Really — it was too much for Mama to consider after a work-day!

But Stella and hubby could hear her exclaim, ere she headed to bed,

“Happy Birthday dear child, and to all a good-night.”


  1. Aw Happy Birthday to Stella! Eight-year-olds rock!
    On a side note, do you have recommendations for DS games that your daughter loves? It’s early, but Christmas lists are being formed, and I think our daugthers have some similar tastes from what you have written before.
    Best again to Stella :)

  2. Many birthday wishes to Stella!

  3. Happy Birthday to her! Camping is fun! :)

  4. Thanks for these birthday wishes Finola, Capital Mom and Pauline! Stella had a lovely day that included the camp-out, painting at the Mud Oven, dinner with her Nan and birthday cake with the soccer team.

    Finola: Stella was VERY excited to hear that your DD might have an interest in Pokemon! She recommends the Pokemon DS game “Diamond” or “Pearl” for someone just starting. “Diamond” if your DD prefers the colour blue and “Pearl” if she prefers pinks. (Apparently the Pokemons that you catch in each game tend to be one colour or the other.)

  5. Thanks Julie. We are not so much pokemon fans here, but very much not Disney princess kinds of girls :)
    We may get them Mario Carts next, but their current fave is Nintendogs.

  6. oh, i just shed a couple tears!! 8 years old, i just can’t believe it!!

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