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Workin’ 9 to 5

For a young woman in the 1980s, working in the business world meant typing and serving coffee for the boss. At least if Dolly Parton’s iconic movie “9 to 5” was any kind of reflection of the times.

But I guess Elaine Nadeau must have missed that movie because instead she just “poured herself a cup of ambition” and opened her own business instead … [to read more, please click here]

Feel like singin’ along with Dolly? Here’s a sing-a-long video!


  1. OK. I admit it, Julie. i actually OWN this movie. Ok. I’ve said it. It was one of my favorites. I also just remembered another movie I loved when I was about 11 (that’s my excuse)… “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” with Lily Tomlin. Does anyone else even remember that movie?


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