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5 best men's rooms with a view

There’s really no excuse to duck behind a tree when nature calls. Men have some pretty spectacular options when it comes to peeing with perspective.

1. Felix Bar/Restaurant, Hong Kong: Face directly towards a panoramic view of Hong Kong from the 28th floor of the Peninsula Hotel while using the exquisitely styled marble urinals.

2. Clydegale Lake, Algonquin Park: On a lone island in Clydegale Lake, experience fresh air and a peaceful hilltop view reminiscent of a Group of Seven painting while using a rustic drop-pit.

3. Atrium Bar, Melbourne, Australia: After a few champagnes, take in uninterrupted sky-high views of the city of Melbourne from the 35th floor of the Sofitel Hotel’s Atrium Bar.

4. Shrine of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus, Turkey: While praying on the mountains of Meryemana, complete the experience by using the urinals, which offer a surprisingly scenic view of this shrine.

5. 40/40 Sports Bar, New York City: Sports fans won’t miss a thing when nature calls at the top of the ninth with four limestone walls that display four flat-screen televisions.

Julie Harrison, who never ceases to be amazed by the luck of men.

Urinals at Felix

Urinals at Felix

River view at the Atrium

River view at the Atrium


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Sat Dec 30 2006
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Byline: Julie Harrison
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