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10 Things that I Know for Sure at Age 42

what i know for sure at age 42

I share the same birth date as Candace and was so inspired by the piece she wrote in honour of turning one year older, that I asked her if she would mind if I did the same.

Some days I feel like I know everything now that I’m 42, while other days I feel like I still know nothing. In between those extremes are the things that I now know for sure. Here they are …

  1. Motherhood really does change everything. For any decision I make, I consider: how will this affect my children?
  2. Words can be dangerous — choose wisely. I’d much rather have sticks and stones break my bones because words sting like hell and often never heal.
  3. Cancer sucks. Three close girlfriends; three different types of cancer. We need more research and less pink.
  4. When a door closes on you, you can open it again.
  5. My children will learn far more from watching me than listening to me. From being kind to trying new things, whether I like it or not, I am a role model.
  6. When you eat asparagus, your pee will smell funny. I only learned this strange tidbit this year.
  7. You don’t need to be everyone’s friend. If every interaction you have with a person leaves you feeling worse off, walk away. He or she won’t like it much, but sometimes you really need to look out for your own interests first.
  8. I have always been my harshest critic. But there is still time to change that.
  9. Always treat your spouse like you would treat a friend. If you would say thank-you to a friend for making you dinner or taking out the garbage, then don’t forget to do the same for your spouse. It’s easy to start taking someone you live with for granted — don’t.
  10. Collect memories, not things. It takes less money than you might think to achieve the former.


  1. Happy Birthday & very well said Julie!

  2. Birthday girl (emphasis on girl), these are great! Especially #s 2, 3, 10 and …
    Happy Day!
    Psst: The life lessons will keep right on coming…. : D

  3. Happy Birthday! #7 is so true.

  4. First, I’m flattered that my post inspired you. Second, our shared birth date must be why I like you so much. Finally, I love this list. I think it’s so important to check in with ourselves occasionally and reaffirm what we’ve learned.

  5. Happy Birthday pretty lady!!! you beat me to 42 by about 6 months :)

    I love your list.. #10 is almost my motto so that’s my fave! But #3 I know for sure (sadly) and #9 is a point well taken.
    Cheers to more memory collecting!!

  6. Lovely list! Happy birthday to a beautiful 42 year old!!

  7. Happy belated birthday, Julie! #2 and #7 hit the spot for me – well said and very true. I hope your birthday was full of love, joy, and happiness. That also goes for the next year and always :)

  8. Happy (belated) birthday Julie! Love your list, especially #8! I always say thanks when my hubby makes dinner or does the dishes, baths the kids etc. It’s the little things!

  9. Happy birthday Julie. I had no idea that our birthdays areonly 2 days part, mine is Oct Fantastic list.

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