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20 Dollars of Cheer

It’s March 22nd. The snow is heavier than ever. It’s getting me down. We Canadians get really quite desperate for Spring and I think I’ve hit that desperate phase.

So I treated myself to 20 dollars worth of flowers from my local grocery store. They have a variety of blooms that go for 3 for $20. I picked some yellow tulips, pink tulips, and some pretty white flowers that I don’t know the name of.

I spread the flowers out so that I could have a little bit of fresh colour in each of the main floor rooms of the house. I can’t even tell you how much this little addition has cheered up the place! And every single person in the family noticed them as soon as they walked in; I guess we’re all feeling a bit needy for some cheer.

In the television room, I popped some pink into a hand-painted coffee mug:

In the dining room, I put a few in a small bud vase:

In the front entrance hall, where I tend to do (highly amateur) vignettes, I put some in an over-sized beer jug:

And then on the coffee table in the room that I dream of making into “the library,” a burst of yellow all on its own:

This was 20 dollars well spent for my psyche. Do you have any inexpensive ways to cheer yourself up? Do tell!


  1. Tasha Ofiara says:

    Nice idea! I feel like spring will never come!

  2. Sarah McCormack says:

    the weather isn’t getting me down… as there’s always lots of sunshine in Ottawa! that helps! I am looking forward to the Spring, though, and my bulbs poking up through the soil! and also not having the boys putting on all the snowpants, hats, mitts, boots = way more time in the a.m!

  3. Oh, goodness, I need to do this… On the other hand, today was delightfully sunny, so my winter blahs were definitely lifted! But, It would be so nice to scatter a few flowers around the house. And, tulips are my favourite!

  4. Amanda | says:

    I love doing this once in a while too. Instant smile when I see something pretty and bright on my kitchen counter :)

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