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Brownies: Oh, the places you will go!

This year is Stella’s first year in Brownies. And so far, it’s the only organized activity she’s really shown an interest in. I have to say, I can’t blame her!

The programming for Brownies really is fantastic because every week is something new. So far, the girls have had an evening of sewing, of speaking with a Canadian Air Forces pilot, and most recently, a visit to a fully automated dairy farm.

It was the last visit — the farm — that inspired the title for this blog posting. Because, although hubby and I bought this Dr. Seuss book as Stella’s very first book when she was a wee newborn, I did not realize that I too would be on the journey to all these places!

So without further adieu …. Oh, the places I you will go as a Brownie helper! First there was the weekend of camping. And now, a series of learnings that I had the pleasure of taking in at a dairy farm.  

  • A dairy farm comes with a very strong smell.
  • The deep dark earth that the cows are standing and laying in is actually not earth, but their own dung.
  • Dung is very warm. The cows like lying in the dung.
  • When you point out how cute a new born calf is, the girls will instead ask what the pink wet stuff lying on the dung is.
  • The girls will quietly accept the answer from the Brownie Leader that the pink stuff is “after birth.”
  • The girls will then turn towards the mom helper and ask what “after birth” is.


  1. lol too funny!

    Jake is loving his first taste of being a cub, and like your experience, it is the first organized activity that my son has taken any interest in! Thanks for posting! And good for you for helping out!

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