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It’s Friday, Friends! Let’s Get to the Bottom of This.

Last night my mother and I went out for Thai and then saw two fabulous bands perform live. Our birthdays are very close together and instead of gifts, we now do an evening together. It started with a bit of random luck. Now, it’s a bit of a tradition.

One of the bands we saw last night was Chic Gamine. They’re an a capeella group (ha! just kidding Sacha!) interesting collection of Winnipeggers and Montrealers. Hard to nail down what their “sound” is. So take a listen for yourself. Enjoy!


  1. I like :)

    And I love the idea of you & your Mom celebrating your b’days this way. Our family has gotten into this too!

    Last year for Christmas my mom took the the moms & grandkids to Oliver at the NAC… this year we are going to (wait for it) Sound of Music (sing-a-long) at the NAC. We are all super excited! these are the best kind of presents as they are shared special!

  2. Marg Harrison says:

    What a wonderful evening and an exciting group to watch – you literally feel their music and rhythms. The other band, the Claytones opened the concert and were terrific as well.
    Love these b’day celebrations!!!!

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