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Gift Guide for Young Boys (Age 4-7)

Toys for Boys

Are you reading this post because you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? Eep — I haven’t either!

But, hey, there are still SIX WHOLE DAYS before Christmas Eve. And you know what that means? Yep, anyone who has all their shopping done before Christmas Eve is a super-organized super-star!

So if you have a young boy on your list, like I do (my son Max is 5 years old), I have some great gift ideas for you!

Playmobil Puzzle

For the boy who loves his Playmobil toys, these puzzles are immediately attractive because he will recognize the characters as those from his own playbox! My son really enjoys working on puzzles — he is beyond the “starter” puzzles, so I am always looking for sets with a minimum of 65 pieces.

These puzzles feature some of the most popular Playmobil playsets for boys including Pirate Island, On the Farm, and Dino Country and the number of pieces range from 100 – 200. Also included in each set is an exclusive figurine. Price is $13.99 and available locally in store or online via Tag Along Toys.

Playmobil Puzzle

LeapPad Ultra

Boys sure love their parents’ tablets … but do you really want to hand over your $400 device to a rough-and-tumble kid? Not so much. That’s why I love the LeapPad Ultra as a gift! He can do all his favourite things — make videos, play games, and take photos — and I don’t need to worry because it has an ultra-tough frame and screen.

The game apps available for LeapPad feature all sorts of favourite and memorable characters like Bubble Guppies, Disney Planes, Monsters University, Cars 2, and countless others! And with LeapFrog’s focus on learning, you can also choose apps based on skills such as: reading and writing, mathematics, science and social studies, creativity and life skills. Price is $159.99 and available locally in store in Indigo Books or online directly from LeapFrog.



Bed Time Books

It’s a bed time ritual in our home to have a story each night. Not only does my son welcome new books but it sure makes things more interesting for Mom and Dad too! It’s a often-heard complaint that good books for boys are hard to come by, so I thought I’d share two really gorgeous books that I’ve come across from Canadian publisher Raincoast Books.

The first is titled Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, and I can’t decide if I love the illustrations or soothing rhythms the most. In this story, the hard-working trucks on the construction site begin to slow down and get ready for a goodnight’s sleep. Moving from vehicles to creatures is The Snatchabook, where the rabbits must solve the mystery of the disappearing books. The illustrations of the bunnies in their warm, cozy burrows are enough to want to tuck myself in right after reading this heart-warming tale. Both books are priced at $14.43 from Indigo Books. 

PicMonkey Collage



  1. I have three boys in this age range and I agree, those are great ideas!

  2. Wow! What great gift ideas! Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site looks like something I should pick up for my friends’ boys!

  3. I love to give books and puzzles at Christmas – they are a classic gift for kids. Even the big “kids” in my family still love puzzles!

  4. You had me at books and Leap Pad :) We’ve done Playmobil but I hate all the tiny bits to put together.
    I’ll have to look out for the Good night book!

    • Our family is in love with anything LeapFrog! We’ve got Scout the dog, the fridge magnets, the blackberry phone, the laptop … really fun toys! (Especially when you customize them to your children’s names — my son, in particular, just loves that!)

  5. What a brilliant idea for a Gift Guide! Serious, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this. Thank you!

  6. This was a favourite of my daughter’s a few years ago! We still read Good Night, Good Night a few times a month.

    • Some books just become a source of comfort I think … reading them over and over. I remember my baby sister just loved Goodnight Moon. It has the same kind of soothing rhythms as Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.

  7. This is a great list! My sons would love them!! Playmobile is a big ticket item in my house! The boys can play for hours!

  8. Books are always a great present for kids! Playmobile is also great as it’s interactive for kids.

  9. These are fabulous! My youngest is now 4. He loves all of the above. And I love giving books as gifts. There is nothing better than receiving and reading a fresh new book (librarian in me!).

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