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The Holidays were Happy

Hard to believe the holidays were only a couple of weeks ago! They seem like forever ago now, don’t they? We had a really nice holiday and I feel like re-living it a bit by sharing some photos. So I hope you don’t mind indulging me a bit here …


We often do a “cut your own” option for a Christmas tree and this year we went a little crazy and ended up with a seriously HUGE tree. Yes, we had to pull out a ladder to decorate it. I was totally in love with it!


Friends of ours hold an annual Christmas cocktail party and it is always THE best event of the year. This year, they decided to make it an 80s theme. As you can see in this selfie, I opted for Madonna-style circa 1980s. Hubby hit up Value Village and came home with authentic high-waisted jeans in that “sand-blasted” style that was in at the time. We were so hawt.


I joined in a “Secret Santa” exchange with some good bloggy friends. My Santa ended up being fellow red-head Ginger Mommy. She really knocked my socks off with these custom canvas bags and wooden necklaces. I’m so glad I participated and I hope my recipient was even half as touched as I was when she received her gift.


Speaking of Santa, he made quite a few appearances. Max, who is 5, was in a prime age for all the magic of Christmas! In the photo above, he is the one in the blue jacket looking up incredulously. (So cute!)


We had a TON of snow this holiday season, which all of the neighbourhood kids loved. Remember how much fun you had making snow forts as a kid? Oh, those sweet rosy red cheeks when they come back inside for hot chocolate — priceless!


My Mom and Dad hosted an absolutely beautiful Christmas dinner for the whole family. The cousins played non-stop, and us adults enjoyed each other’s company and some old family tales. Above is a picture of me and my grandmother, who will turn 90 years old next month. (She hates photos of herself, so it’s a good thing she doesn’t read my blog or I’d be in trouble for sharing this!)


This was my Christmas present from the kids. Apparently, they are puppy dogs. Whatever they are, I was so pleased to receive this hand-crafted gift and they now sit happily on my office desk. After we opened gifts in the morning, we had the family over to our home, where we host a casual brunch for all the family who are in town.


Not long after Christmas, we threw some clothes in bags and ran off to New York City. It was our first time to take both of the kids (Stella was in NYC when she was 3 years old, but a first time for Max) and it was truly fabulous.

And last, but not least event, was a retirement party for my Mom. All of the family was there, and we were all pretty amazed that the grandkids (four in total) were so well behaved at what was a rather adult affair. As for the rest of us, we really enjoyed meeting my mother’s colleagues and hearing their thoughts on her career and long-lasting contributions.

So, that was the holidays that were. We are now back knee-deep in work commitments, homework, and taking the kids to extra-curricular activities. At the time, I worried we were trying to do too much … squeeze too much out of the time we had. But I’m so glad we threw caution to the wind because it was a happy holiday indeed!

I hope that you and your family, whatever you decided to do, also enjoyed some happy times. And a BIG HUGE HAPPY 2014 to YOU and YOURS!!


  1. you really rock that 80’s look Julie!!
    I love the bags.
    and your Grandmother is beautiful :)

    looks like a perfect family Christmas!!

  2. Loved your holiday memories- especially you and your grandmother. My grandmother turns 91 this year and I cherish each time I see her. By the way… Next year’s cocktail party theme might be 70s disco. Can’t wait to see what you and the hubby come up with!

  3. Wow! It really seemed like an amazing holiday. I just spent the afternoon catching up on some of your blogposts. So amazing you took the kids to NYC, how lucky are they!? Missed everyone a lot over the holiday, but reading your posts and seeing some pictures really cheered me up!

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