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Inside Her Brain

We have a new piece of art for our home!


Actually, it’s not really new. It’s been waiting for framing for almost four years now. Since it is so large, the estimate we received to frame it ranged from $800 to $900. So Hubby recently got inspired to try some framing on his own. The matting can be purchased at a local art store (approximately $10-20 for one large coloured sheet), and the glass is ordered custom to fit the wood frame. All up, the most expensive bit is the glass. In this case though, it cost less than $80 for the glass. I am so thrilled to have it framed!

The artist? Stella, our now 12-year-old daughter (she was in grade 4 when she created it).

Not only do I love having this big, beautiful piece in our hallway. I love that when I am annoyed at having to remind her to do things several times in a row, I can look at this picture and think: “Oh yeah, that’s what’s going on inside her brain. No wonder my reminder to brush her teeth is not getting through!” haha!

Here are some close-ups to give you a better feel for it …

In this one, the smaller character on the left has small fangs but large claws, while the character on the right has large fants and small claws. Which one will win out?


Here, someone is telling the others to be quiet because he’s having a nap. Oh, don’t mind that he happens to be in a coffin.


And this one? Er, no comment.


This is the first time we’ve framed either of our kids’ art. We definitely want to frame a special piece of Max’s in the future now too.

How about you? Have you ever framed your children’s art. How did it make them feel?


  1. incredible! love it love it love it :)

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    Very cool art, and well worth framing.

  3. She is a true artist in the making. It reminds me of my son’s art. He is now 18 but he used to draw like that with so many things going on that you wondered, as you said, what was going on in his brain. He now draws incredibly beautiful pieces with a twist to them. (Still has something different going on in his brain.) So encourage her to do more. She is an artist trying to break out.

  4. I have framed a number of my kids’ pieces, especially my daughter’s because she’s tremendously skilled compared to me. They had an amazing art teacher when she was young so she brought home some cool stuff. I’m trying to do some of my son’s because I don’t want him to feel left out, but his strengths are in other things. I don’t know how it makes her (them) feel, but it makes me smile to see them on the walls.

  5. So cool! I have framed one of my sons, much smaller piece, and my budding artists daughter, has many canvases up around the house. I love to see them, and how they express their individuality, thoughts and general impression of the world. What a cool image you have chosen, it is awesome,

  6. I just love this. It’s a fantastic work of art and it looks great on the wall. Such a perfect idea!

  7. Love this SO much. Fantastic that you found a reasonable way to frame it.

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