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It’s Friday, Friends. I’ll Smile for Her.

My sister is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. She and her husband are off overseas for a new international teaching gig. Two years.

I’m sad. She’s my little bottle of sunshine. But I’ll smile for her.

Love you, Megs. Live it up! Soak it all in. And Skype your sister lots.  xox

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  1. I think I know about half what you’re feeling *G*. Best wishes to them!

  2. As an away sister I am terribly sorry. Being so far away from her and my folks is probably my only real regret about choosing to live in Tanzania. Good luck to Megs and family on their new posting.

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      Oh, it’s part of the lives of many families. My poor in-laws live so far away from their son and grandkids. Sometimes it’s just the way life goes! I will send Megs your good luck :)

  3. My sister teaches overseas too …(in Qatar) and is heading back next week, so i totally understand! at least they have the summers off to come home which is great!

  4. Yep, what Julie said. Love ya Megs.

  5. I already miss you guys!! But I must spread my sunshine to wherever I can, haha. Thinking about all you lots and will definitely be skyping you as soon as I have internet. xoxo

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