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Minecraft Lootbags (for less than $8 each!)

Minecraft Lootbags

As per usual around here, it was the night before the birthday party and I needed to get lootbags ready for 8 boys.

I have a major love/hate thing with lootbags. On the one hand: kids love them and it’s so fun to see how excited they get at the end of the party when they receive one. On the other hand: they can get really expensive (and time consuming!) and seem to be an unnecessary distraction away from celebrating the birthday boy himself.

In my head, I’d decided I would give each child a $5 gift card to the local frozen yogurt store. And then, somehow, I’m in Michaels and trying to get a themed lootbag together at the last minute. Such is my life. (Sound familiar to you too?)

In the end, I pulled together a themed lootbag with Max’s current obsession: the almighty MINECRAFT! It was a simple lootbag, with only 5 items. But the kids seemed really pleased with the result so I thought I’d share so that I might save another parent a little time and coin. (Bonus? Low on candy, so the other parents will like me too.)

Here’s what went in each bag:

inside loot bag

And here’s a breakdown of each item and its cost:

#1: The Bags

I found small lime green bags in the party decor section of Michaels for $4.99 (for a package of 12). The key is to use the small bags, otherwise the lootbag will feel empty of loot!

On the bags, I used a black marker and traced the outline of the creeper face and then my son Max coloured in each face. This resulted in many faces that had colouring outside of the lines and a very proud little guy.

To create the names, I simply typed them up in a Word document on my computer and then printed, cut, and taped them onto the front of the bag. The kids enjoyed seeing their names were in the Minecraft font (which you can download for free).

#2: TNT sticks

I’m really glad I went to the trouble of doing these since they were — by far — the absolute hit. Inside each TNT stick is a roll of large sweetheart candies.

I used red construction paper we had in the basement, printer paper for the TNT labels, and one roll of candy ($1 each from the dollar store). I’ll post some instructions soon, okay?

#3: Minecraft characters

These were the most expensive item inside the bag and, in hindsight, I wouldn’t have included them because unless you are a Minecraft fanatic, a Minecraft character isn’t likely going to be terribly thrilling.

Four characters came in one package at our local grocery store. So we bought two packages, at $9.98 each.

#4: Glowstick bracelet

In the lootbag supply area of Michaels, you can find a package of glowstick bracelets. The package contains 12 and costs $1.50.

#5: Note pads

As you walk out of Michaels, there’s that big isle of odds and ends that usually includes writing paper, note pads, and pens. In on of these bins, there were limegreen and black note pads. And we know that limegreen is the perfect Minecraft colour!

Just like with the loot bags, I traced the outline of a creeper face and Max filled in all the faces.

#6: Bouncy ball

I really wanted to include toys, and not just candy in the bags, and these fit the bill. They are called “Psychedelic Rocks” and are an odd-shaped bouncy ball that you can use outside that does really high, wonky bounces. I picked up one for each lootbag, in a variety of colours, for $1.99 each (this was a sale price that I happened upon at Michaels).

Total costs

So, the grand total cost per lootbag looks like this (try this with your next party … it’s shocking how expensive lootbags end up being!):

Minecraft character = $2.50
Bouncy ball = $1.99
Note pads = $1.50
TNT stick candy = $1.00
Limegreen bag = $0.62
Glow bracelet = $0.19
= $7.80 per lootbag x 8 kids = $62.40 total

So tell me: What are your thoughts on lootbags? Do you do them and how much do you tend to spend on each bag?


  1. This is so awesome Julie! You’re a creative genius. Any left? (ha ha)

  2. Thanks Julie! Your post is so helpful. I have a love/hate relationship with loot bags. Which grocery store sells the minecraft figures in a pack of 4? I can only find 3-pack ones at Wal-Mart for $15.

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