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Saturdays with Stella: Have you been to Halifax?

Stella is my 10-year-old daughter and on Saturdays, I let her rent this space from me because she thinks blogs are cool. It is her hope that her writing will appeal to kids her age as well as to the adults who read here too. (For the intro to Saturdays with Stella, click here.) This week, Stella wants to tell you all about Halifax, which we visited last summer on our holidays.


Halifax: A Wonderful Place to Visit!

If you ever go to the Maritimes and are looking for a place to stay, consider Halifax. There are many places that you can stay at, from nice cottages for rent to posh fancy hotels. There are many great things to do, especially in the summer when things are warm and sunny. Read these cool facts about Halifax!

Halifax is a really historical place, so let’s get you started with some history facts about this great city. Halifax was founded in 1749, as it was used as a port for incoming ships carrying immigrants and settlers from European countries such as England and France. You may have heard of the Halifax explosion. It was caused by a ship carrying explosives. Then near the docks something went wrong and they all ignited.


Check out this star shaped building in the picture above. That was a military base in many wars. It is called the Citadel. It took 29 years to build. Now it is a museum that you can explore.

There are many amazing things in Halifax, from great sea food (the best fish and chips ever!) to massive sail boats docked in the harbor. Halifax is in the Atlantic Time zone which is one hour behind Ottawa. In Halifax you are usually a few minutes away from the ocean, but unfortunately it is usually too cold to swim in. You can sometimes swim if it is warm enough but that takes a lot of courage.

In the harbor there are many amusing attractions that draw in lots of kids like moths to a light. There is a massive concrete wave that kids love to run up and slide back down. And the ‘do not climb’ sign makes a great seat for parents! There is a massive orange submarine as well! You will see lots of cartoonists doing caricatures. Some good sea food restaurants can be found as well.

Photo by Adrien Veczan for National Post.


Now you know how great Halifax is, will you go to find even better shops, better fish and chips and more sail boats in other parts of this cheerful and friendly city? GO ON! There is so much left to discover!


  1. Ross Harrison says:

    I have never been there and always wanted too. I believe your mother lived there for a while; probably when she was your age but you’d have to ask her to verify. Thanks Stella.

  2. Tanya@TakeSix says:

    Stella what a wonderful post about my home town. You captured the wonderful things about Halifax so well. I was born and raised in this area and have lived here for 49 years. I am so glad you have started blogging at a young age. You will LOVE it !!!

  3. Sarah McCormack says:

    I love East Coast Canada too , Stella! we are heading to P.E.I. for 2 weeks this summer- another place you would probably adore! We are hoping to get to Halifax in the next few years as my boys have never been. I spent every summer as a kid in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia but haven’t spent much time in Halifax! thanks for all the great information!

  4. Brenda A. says:

    Well written! It looks like a super place. I have not been since I was your age! Keep writing!

  5. Great place to adventure. Surely your parents were not ignoring the do not climb sign.

  6. Pam Dillon says:

    Hi Stella. Great story! I took my guys to Nova Scotia on the train twice. The first time we stayed in Halifax and it was very interesting. I don’t remember them getting to slide down any waves though. Pretty cool!

  7. Ralph Harrison says:

    HiStella, I’ve been to Halifax a least three times and I agree with your comment ” a wonerful place to visit “. A well written travel guide!

  8. The east coast is awesome. I lived there for four years for university and I miss it very much! Halifax is a very special city.

  9. I have never been to halifax before. it looks absolutely gorgeous!

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