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Saturdays with Stella: Winter Wonderland

Hello! I’m back again! I can not express how happy I was to see how enthusiastic you all were about my new column! (My mom and I have agreed that we will post by noon every Saturday.)

Dragon Dining

This sketch is called “Dragon Dining.”

I have a topic I hope you will find interesting! I’ll tell you what, if you live anywhere that has a handful of kids (it’s an expression, because it’s pretty hard to carry kids in your hand) and a few yards full of snow, I can guarantee there will be a ton of snow architecture before you even know it.

I wrote this on Friday night, so I drew up some diagrams so you could get a feel of  what the forts looked like.

This one is in my front yard and is intended to be a hotel. We named it “Snowy Eagle Plaza.” We play in this one almost every day. It often takes on more roles in different games such as a sinking cruise ship or a space station.

Snowy Eagle Plaze

A photo of one side of “Snowy Eagle Plaza.” You can see the entrance tunnel at the edge of the driveway and street.

Here is a sketch that shows full interior of “Snowy Eagle Plaza.”

This one is just down the street is also a very popular play place. It doesn’t really have a name or purpose so usually when we play in it we often end up with screaming little kids and people pretending to be fairies in the same three metre space.

Unnamed fort at neighbour's house.

Unnamed fort at neighbour’s house.

Now you have to remember that not all snow fun is forts and snow men. Some kids thirst for something more, something thrilling. And that something is tobogganing. On our street there are a couple of runs.

This one is inside my backyard and is a tradition in our family. We call it the “Death Waltzer” because it is so twisty. It is a very popular. This year, it finishes in the “Snow Cave.”

A photo of the "Death Waltzer" toboggan run.

A photo of the “Death Waltzer” toboggan run.

A sketch of the "Death Waltzer" toboggan run

A sketch of the “Death Waltzer” toboggan run.

Known as “The Luger,” this track was built down the street. You can’t drag your feet on this one or it will ruin the ride. Hold on to your hats when you go down because this track is built for speed.

A sketch of "The Luger."

A sketch of “The Luger.”

I sure hope you enjoyed this edition of “Saturdays with Stella.” I’ll see you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(excessive use of exclamation marks!)


  1. Pam @writewrds says:

    Go Stella! Looks like you’re having a blast on your street. I love playing in the snow too, but the forts around here aren’t nearly so cool.
    (P.S. Ever think of a future in architecture?)
    I’m looking forward to your next post. Sincerely, @writewrds:twitter 

  2. Ross Harrison says:

    Hey Stella.  Great story and reminds me of when I was a kid playing in the snow and oh that fort!  So much fun.  Way to go Stella and I can hardly wait until next Saturday. 

  3. Ralph Harrison says:

    Hi Stella.
    I knew I was going to enjoy your Saturdays With Stella. As a kid I made snow forts too but not as elaborated yours. 

  4. Ralph Harrison says:

    Hi Stella!

    I knew I would enjoy Saturdays With Stella. Looking forward to next Saturday.

  5. Stefanieteach says:

    Miss playing in snow forts…would I fit??

  6. great article on snow forts. I think you have a big kid in your house by the name of Dad . Did he help build some of these?

  7. Great article Stella. Your turns of phrase are a delight to read. 

  8. Adam Harrison says:

    I think my favourite part of this post is the amazing set of maps!! I can see you made the media room the hub of one of your forts. That’s very wise, as putting out a good public face is quite important during any snowball fight crisis! I also hope you clean out the bathroom regularly!

  9. SNOW FORTS!! I love snow forts. I remember that was the first thing we did once there was a good snowfall. We also had a great hill at our first house, with a creek at the bottom which made it extra exciting. You never knew if the ice would break and you would get dunked in icy cold water. Great post!

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