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Sharing the Magic

Someone’s big sister taught him the magic of climbing trees.

On Saturday morning, he was confident enough to climb on his own. Once reaching a top branch, he looked out and proclaimed, “I think it would be amazing to read a book in this tree.” We couldn’t help but shrug and nod in agreement.

Later that same day, his two special friends came out to play. One had a Minecraft book with him. Next thing I know, Max is tearing through the house to find two Minecraft books of his own.

And then. Three kids in a tree. Reading books.




  1. be still my beating heart :)

  2. Love it!

  3. So sweet…loved this.

  4. So good!

  5. What beautiful sight indeed! :)

  6. One of my very favourite things to do as a child.

    Pure joy!

    Beautiful post.

  7. Climbing trees was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Great to see them so comfortable and relaxed in such a majestic place.

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