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Wordless Wednesday: A Walk in the Woods


P.S. I had originally titled this post “My Family, My Heart,” but it seemed too cheesy. But the truth is, that’s how this photo makes me feel. Big huge hug and thank you to Sarah for capturing this moment.

P.P. S. Want to hear more about me and my family? I’m sharing some tidbits over on Canadian Family.


  1. What a beautiful family picture :)

  2. Cute! I love the black and white for this shot!

  3. What a lovely surprise to visit here and see this :)
    I love this photo too! And this family!!!

  4. love this! perfect shot!

  5. Beautiful shot! My favorite Fall activity!

  6. Cheesey is okay. I love the photo, it is so peaceful.

  7. Lovely shot! What a great memory to capture :)

  8. Awesome photo, we love also love a family walk in the woods, it is such a peaceful place!

  9. Congrats on the article in Canadian Family! At first I thought this was a winter scenery with the white at the top. Great photo from Sarah. She is amazing:)

  10. You wouldn’t even have to worry about words – this beautiful photo says it all. Amazing shot!

  11. Such an amazing picture! I feel like you should blow this up and put it over your fireplace. =)

  12. Beautiful! Sarah does such amazing work.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Julie.

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