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A Latte for $2. Need I say more? Okay, I will … you know I will …

I like me my Tim Horton’s Coffee.

I used to be a Large Double Double, girl. Now I’ve managed to wean myself to 2 Cream, 1 Sugar. I know, my self-discipline is amazing. A-MAZE-ING. One day I will move to milk and no sugar, but I could be really, really old by then. Like, maybe when I’m really old and have completely lost all my faculties so that I know longer can remember how much better coffee is with cream than milk. Then. But only then, I think. (My grandmother, who has all of her faculties, likes her Timmy’s as a Triple-Triple. Just saying.)

On many most days though, I need to add some real expresso beans to the mix. This results in me spending embarrassing amounts of money on lattes. If I only count how much one latte a day costs, it’s fine. But to add that up over a week … or *gasp* a year? Yikes.

So when I received an email this week from a PR agency letting me know that Timmy’s was launching into the latte world, I was interested. Interested by skeptical, because that sickly sweet French Vanilla thing they’ve been marketing as cappuccino is definitely not cappuccino!

But, listen, Tim Horton’s is actually going expresso! Real expresso beans my fellow caffeinated friends! Here is a clip from the news release issued at the beginning of this month:

Tim Hortons today announced the biggest new specialty coffee introduction ever in Canada – at more than 2,500 locations – with the addition of lattes, mocha lattes and cappuccinos made with premium espresso. Starting at $2, the new drinks offer guests a delicious, fast and convenient choice for lattes, at a value price.

Description: cid:image002.jpg@01CC9949.A3888FC0

Here are the new expresso-based coffee options:

  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Flavoured Latte
  • Flavoured Latte Supreme
  • Mocha Latte
  • Espresso shot (single or double)
  • Tea Latte

I am game for trying all of these (even a “tea latte,” whatever the heck that is!). And I am going to receive a gift certificate so I can do precisely that. But don’t put your frowny faces on because I also have two gift certificates for Coffee with Julie readers!

I figure that a coffee giveway is perfect for TGIF, so I will announce the winner this Friday, November 18th at 3pm. There are two prizes, each is a $25 gift certificate to Tim Hortons. To enter:

  • The easy entry: Leave a comment telling me if you drink expresso coffee or not.
  • Making you work: You can have one extra entry by following @TimHortons on twitter, and then coming back here and leaving me a comment to let me know.
  • So, just to be clear: each person has a maximum of two chances to enter.

Good luck!


  1. Sarahmcphoto says:

    i never touch the stuff, but hey, i have friends :)  i am a tea drinker, but a tea latte scares me a little bit. but, i’ll try anything if it’s free!


    • I’ve tried tea latte at Starbucks and it’s really good. It’s steeped tea (anyone you choose) and frothy milk added to it. If you like your tea with milk I think you’ll love this.

  2. I don’t drink espresso often, but I do when I need a boost. Also, I(@aehpalmer:twitter ) am following @TimHortons:twitter on Twitter. 

  3. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Timmy’s fan BECAUSE I like my coffee straight up, no dessert added, no high-octane espresso… XL three milks, no sugar, thank-you-very-much.

    (Pick me, pick me!!)

  4. And as soon as I saw @TimHortons on twitter last week, I followed.  Does that count?

  5. A COFFEE GIVEAWAY! My only problem is that the lineup at my nearest Tim’s is already out the door, and now it will be all the way around the corner too. Not to mention that I think you may just have opened up the whole espresse/expresso can of worms. Oy.
    I know I’m not making sense, but I’m just too excited about the coffee. COFFEE!!

  6. Julie, I had to smile because your blog design says 2 cream no sugar…is that on a good day?
    I NEVER drink any Tim’s coffee, maybe b/c I didn’t grow up in this country, but I can’t understand the love for a double/double…but I’m sure Timbits will make me popular with a couple of people.

    • Haha! It’s true that when I make my pressed coffee every morning, there is no sugar! But Timmys just seems to require one :) Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

  7. I tend to only drink espresso when I’m traveling, not sure why, I guess I only think about it on the road.  I’m a recent fan of tea lattes and I’m anxious to try Tim’s interpretation.  I’m a good girl at the Tim’s window, I usually get 2 MILK and 1 sugar.  :-)

  8. I would love to try a tea latte. I am more of a tea person, although I do like me an espresso, but it has to be good, very good coffee to drink this way. I use to drink a lot of espressos when I travelling to Europe a lot for work a few years back, but since then it’s been more brewed coffee, and I do like the Timmy’s stuff, maybe have done too many roadtrips where it was well, essential.

  9. Tomorrow is my birthday so this seems like fate (no pressure, or anything :)). I’m a recent coffee convert and haven’t gotten to the espressos yet…but I’m ready to try!

  10. Ingredients for Life says:

    MY DD once asked if I would die if I didn’t have coffee. My response was “yes!!!!” I love, love Tim’s. I don’t know what they put in their coffee but it’s darn good!

  11. I generally just drink perk coffee that I make at home, but I love espresso-based drinks as a treat. The best I ever drank was in Portugal, a cafe con leche. I’ve never been able to replicate it here. I gave up on Timmy’s “specialty” coffees years ago because they were too darn sweet, but I’m curious about these new, more authentic drinks!

  12. Robin Gyimesi says:

    I was in Tim Hortons yesterday and just found out about their new coffee line.  I am a HUGE coffee fan and love espresso.  I will definitely give it a try.  I didn’t know @timhortons was on twitter … I now follow!  Thanks :-)

  13. I generally just drink regular coffee – but once in a while I will N E E D an espresso, so I will grab one :) Also – I LOVE Timmies and miss it.  I brought two cans with me, but am at the bottom of the first, so must start rationing! 

  14. I followed!  Thanks for letting me know that they are officially on Twitter!

  15. I am a tea latte drinker. With earl grey, its called a London Fog, although DO.NOT I repeat DO.NOT call it a London Fog to a Tim Hortons cashier. Or do, if you’re up for a laugh and have time to kill. On Monday night my local (notice how I called Tims my local, like Brits call their neighbourhood bars locals 😉 ) had just received their machine and apparently the evening staff hadn’t been trained on it. I asked for a tea latte and the resulting confusion was funny. One young man asked me “is there coffee in a latte?” my answer was “not in a tea one” :). And another cashier asked “what makes it a latte?” my answer “The MILK makes it a Latte” :) OMG.

  16. How was that for a long comment (phew!). Ok I just followed @TimHortons on twitter. :)

  17. Susanlynnevans says:

    I am not a coffee drinker….sometimes herbal tea, but when I do go to Tim’s for a hot beverage, I like thier hot chocolate and guess what? It’s hot chocolate season again!

  18. I am not an espresso drinker but my husband is and I will grab him one on the weekend.  My fav tim horton drink is their steeped tea.

  19. I follow @timhortons on twitter.  I am @macfsh:disqus 

  20. Large Black Coffee for me!Need to try expresso though.

    Also following on Twitter!

  21. I’m so excited to try it out, but none of the Tim’s locations near my house have the new drinks just yet. :(

    In any case, I’ll try out this giveaway! Yes I do drink espresso coffee, one every morning from home, but definitely looking forward to trying Tim Horton’s. I already follow @TimHortons on Twitter, it’s how I found this blog (they retweeted your giveaway message).

  22. Daniel_martin10 says:

    I just tired the new supreme drink today and it was great, and I follow tim hortons on twitter… Habs_fan_dan is my twitter name

  23. I stop at Tim’s nearly every day, and sometimes twice!  My parent’s group from my kids school meet there usually on Monday’s and Friday’s and sometimes Tuesday’s.  What a great way to start the day!  As far as espresso goes, I enjoy it once in awhile, certainly no later than supper time, or I won’t be able to sleep!

    Please enter me for the contest, and I already follow @TimHortons:disqus   I think I was in the first 100 or so fans!

    Thank you!

  24. I usually get iced caps, but can’t wait to try espresso and lattes.
    @700ftceiling is my Twitter username. I already follow @TimHortons.

  25. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but when I do, I’m an espresso kind of gal :)

  26. following Tims on Twitter

  27. I occassionally drink espresso, but I make it myself in my Tassimo brewer, I’m a big Tim Hortons steeped tea fan (I’m of course from the east coast where we bleed tea), I stop there everyday on my way home from the gym for one. I’m excited to try their tea lattes to see if they measure up to Starbucks! I also follow @TimHortons, my username is @A_sheffield:twitter 

  28. I LOVE espresso drinks!  Regular coffee is just fine, and it’s what I drink each morning at home.  But if I’m out and about or on my way to work, I’ll definitely get an espresso based drink.  Like you, I try not to think too much about how much those drinks cost over the course of a month/year. 😉

  29. I also follow Tim Hortons on Twitter (I’m @sharon_e_b).

  30. Willing to try the espresso for $2 sure! Got here from following Tim’s thx!

  31. I love lattes.  I’m hoping the Tims ones are good so I can break the habit of going to the more expensive cafes!

  32. Jeffrey D Thompson says:

    I drink latte’s and espressos!! Can’t wait to try at Tim hortons :) I’m following @timhortons :)

  33. I love espresso and am so stoked about Tim  Horton’s getting it.  And like you I used to be a medium double double kinda gal but am now weaning myself to medium regular.

  34. And am following @TimHortons

  35. Stefanieteach says:

    Mmmm… I like my Starbucks, I’d love to try the Timmie’s version. Hi to Stella!!!

  36. CaffeineFiend says:

    Personally, I don’t think Tim Hortons is given as much credit as it deserves. Their coffee is smacked around by words such as, “sickly sweet”, “weaker then dish soap”, and “not worth the dough”. I found myself in Tim Hortons ordering a small Mocha Latte with an extra espresso shot. I was shocked by how strong it was. I thought it sounded to good to be true, but the espresso made latte’s are strong, like espresso should be. And yet, even with it being a mocha, it was the perfect balance of sweet, and robust. I couldn’t help but be stingy with that cup of coffee, trying to saver every last drop. By the time I had licked the whipped cream from the bottom of the lid, I felt completely satisfied with my purchase. Trust me, its certainly worth the dough, and much more.

    • I’ve tried the new lattes and I agree — they are pretty darn good! I haven’t tried asking for an extra shot of expresso though. Good tip!

  37. I’m a tea drinker, too and will ask about Tea Lattes the next time I am at Tim’s.  (Not saying I’ll have one.) I am curious how Tim’s did with their lattes. Were they successful, at least to your tastebuds?

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