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Does your child need an eye exam?


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Before my eldest started school, I remember that my doctor recommended an eye exam. Not because she thought there was any problem with Stella’s vision, but because it was a standard health test that she recommended. Well, Stella is 12 years old now. I still haven’t taken her for that eye exam.

I assumed that if there was a problem with one of my kids’ sight, I’d be able to tell. Once I saw symptoms, like headaches or complaints about not being able to see the blackboard clearly, then I’d book the exam.

But that’s going to change. I’m taking both of the kids in for a vision exam. Why?

Well, now that I’m starting to lose some of my vision, I realize it’s not so easy to tell. It’s not like one day I could see perfectly and then the next day I woke up and thought: hmm … the writing on this medicine bottle is a bit blurry. It’s sort of been creeping up on me. Some days I feel like I can see things with 20-20 vision still, while other times I struggle.

“1 in 4 school-age children has a vision problem and there is no way for you to know if your child is the one.” ~ Doctors of Optometry

So if I find it hard to recognize the symptoms in myself, how are my kids going to be able to do so? I need to make sure that their vision is optimal. If not, they’ll be facing an extra challenge in school that is simply unnecessary.

“80% of learning is obtained through vision.” ~ Doctors of Optometry

Every year since they were born, I’ve taken my kids in for “wellness” checks with our family doctor. I’m wondering now why I didn’t think their vision health warranted this kind of attention too. Eye exams for children and teens are covered under my provincial healthcare, and other provinces have similar coverage, too (you can check to see what’s covered in your province here). I also checked if there were any Doctors of Optometry near my home, and found a long list. I don’t really have any excuses left now, do I?

I diligently went out and did the back-to-school shopping. Now, I’m on to helping create Halloween costumes. But before Christmas hits, I need to book some eye exams (for the kids AND for me!).

So, back to the title of this post: “Does your child need an eye exam?”

Yes, he or she does. And so do mine.

This post was brought to you by the Doctors of Optometry, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit In celebration of Children’s Vision Month, the Doctors of Optometry are sponsoring a contest with FABULOUS prizes (one of which includes $2,500 towards an RESP!). You can enter here:


  1. Good for you!!! As a mom of a visually impaired child ( S is blind in her left eye and has low vision in her right eye) making sure your eyes are healthy is imperative. Believe it or not, most of a child’s learning occurs through incidentally from what a child’s sees in his or her enviroment. Everyone should take care of their eyes; we often take our sight for granted.

    • I think you are so right. I completely take our family’s sight for granted. And when I think about everything involving sight related to the classroom, it makes sense to ensure that a child is seeing it all clearly. Thanks for stopping by, Maria! Appreciate you sharing your thoughts and your family’s personal story.

    • An eye exam — in your baby’s first year? Absolutely.

  2. Just took my 8 month old for an eye appointment… Was very interesting! Glad I took her because we need to come back in 6 months :)

  3. Thanks for the tips. I think I need to get my kids eyes checked. I ask them to clean up their rooms and they look around and say “What mess?”

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