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Gift Ideas for Your Wine-Loving Girlfriends

5 gifts for the wine lover

Wine and girlfriends go together like peanut butter and chocolate. If you’re looking for a special little gift for one of your wine-loving girlfriends, here are my top 5 favourite picks.

Fused Glass Wine Charms with Wooden Storage Box

Made with beautiful fused glass, these charms come with a storage box to keep them from getting misplaced or broken. $27.04 CDN  from Toni Cartisano.

fused glass wine charms

The Vino Pandora Charm

If your girlfriend is like me and loves to collect new charms for her Pandora bracelet, this charm will always remind her of you! $40 USD from Pandora.

pandora charm

Handy Pocket-Sized Wine Journal

These fabulous little wine journals are perfect to keep in your purse and provide a handy spot to note down favourite wine labels and include your own ratings. $11.95 CDN from Ideas Rock, a local Ottawa company.

wine journal from Ideas Rock

The Truth-Telling Book Club Tote

Is your book club really just an excuse to get together with girlfriends and drink wine? Hey, celebrate it! $16.22 CDN from Military Wives Rock.

book club tote bag

Sock Monkey Wine Cover

The girlfriend with the quirky sense of fun is sure to appreciate this silly wine cover (I know I do!). $5.60 USD from Perpetual Kid.



  1. These are great gift ideas for the Wine lover! My sister loves her wine and is sometimes hard to buy for. I love the pandora charm! Beautiful!

  2. Oh I love those wine charms! They are beautiful.

  3. What a cute sock monkey bottle cover and wine glass charms! My mom would love the charms, as she’s big on guests not mixing up their glasses. She always uses those at her house for parties and has a nice collection!

  4. I am not a big wine drinker but I have to say I LOVE that sock monkey bottle cover! So cute (and funny!) would make a great conversation piece at a christmas party for sure! Such pretty things to just make your wine look even better! :)

  5. OMG I love the sock monkey cover. Too bad I don’t drink wine or I would be all over that.

  6. What a great collection of ideas for the wine lover on your list, Julie! That bag made me laugh :) Love the pocket-sized wine journal! I can think of many people I could have given that to over the years!

  7. Love the wine journal – it would be the perfect gift for my step-father! I think I will ask my hubby for the wine Pandora charm :) love it!

    Great ideas!

  8. Love the little wine journal! I have bought one for my Dad in the past, but it was a lot larger than this. But this is a great size to keep in your purse. I am often out at a restaurant or a friends place and like a new to me wine and then of course, can’t remember it! Great idea! Will tell my hubs I want as a stocking stuffer 😉

  9. I wish my sister had a Pandora bracelet, that charm is adorable!!

  10. How is it possible that I’ve never seen the Vino pandora charm before?! I’m totally getting this for my sommelier aunt! Great post! :)


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