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It’s Monday after a long weekend. You’re overdue for a night with your bestie! #Ottawa #Giveaway


Age of Adaline

Yes, it’s been a long hard winter. You may even feel that it’s aged you a bit along the way. But did winter actually feel any easier when you were 29?

Well, duh. Everything’s easier when you’re 29, right?!!

A new movie hitting the screens soon is taking that concept to a whole new — and thought-provoking — level. (Granted, I think it could make a great comedy too.)

Despite joking with our girlfriends that we’re 29 years old … year, after year … there is something to be said for spending the years with our loved ones. So, grab some tissue and your bestie and head out to see The Age of Adaline.

Giveaway details: 10 Prize Packs! Each prize pack is for 2 tickets to see the Ottawa premiere of The Age of Adaline, taking place at Cineplex (3090 Carling Avenue) on Thursday, April 16th at 7pm.

To enter: Leave a comment below telling us what you don’t miss about being 29!

Disclosure: These tickets are courtesy of eONE Films. Thanks eONE! I can’t wait to catch some time with my girlfriends and see this new movie.


  1. the thought of turning 30 – that is a big milestone!

  2. I was pregnant for the first time when I was 29 so, although I liked being pregnant, I can’t say that I “miss” it!

  3. Chandra von Teichman says:

    Sleepless nights with new baby!

  4. 29 was a lot of fun, but I don’t miss the uncertainty of my younger years. I prefer my older & wiser self and the confidence that comes with being a “certain” age.

  5. I have enjoyed every stage of my life but I do like the comfort and stability that comes with a “few” more years of experience!

  6. Shoshana says:

    I don’t miss dreading turning 30 – so far, it’s been an awesome decade! Wish I could have known how much better it would be when I was 29, so I could look forward to it instead!

  7. Easy. I don’t miss being with my ex-husband!! :-)

  8. I don’t miss all the debt I had!

  9. Am I the only one who has nothing sticking in my mind about being 29? Geez!

  10. I don’t miss the fear and dread of turning 30…29 was really scary to me because I knew I was almost out of my 30s, it seemed (at the time) so old (haha, I’m laughing now.. several years later). When I turned 30, it wasn’t nearly bad as I’d feared!
    I saw the preview for this the other day and thought it looked great (who wouldn’t want to stay in their 20s, though really?) and it reminded me a bit of Benjamin Button. A bit different but similar concept. I can’t wait to see this.

  11. oops, I meant 29 was scary to me because I knew I was almost out of my 20’s!

  12. I haven’t minded any age so far but am so happy where I am I wouldn’t go back to any of them.

  13. What I don’t miss about 29 is doubting myself.
    With the help of good friends and experience the doubt has faded and it’s not missed.

  14. *** I wish I had enough prize packs for everyone. I did a random number draw to pick and will also notify winners by email. If a winner cannot come, I will then contact someone who didn’t win the first round. THANK YOU SO MUCH for entering! :) ***

  15. i can’t say I don’t miss being 29 because I am 29 lol

  16. Thanks again, Julie!! I loved the movie. I agree, the dog part really pulled at my heartstrings too! My little pooch is almost 13 and I can’t imagine my life without her. That part made me SO sad. Really makes you think too as there are lots of pros not aging, of course, but a few things that would make it hard. What a great movie, and I’m so glad I got to see a sneak preview, thanks to you!
    Also, thanks for popping by my site too :)

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