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Nordik Spa-Nature: Walk in, Float out

I wasn’t hot. I wasn’t cold.

I couldn’t feel the tension in my shoulders. Nor the nagging, ever-present weight of my head on a weak neck.

The room was dim, with candles lit. But I had my eyes closed, blocking out yet another sensory distraction.

Only one sense was in action — under the water, there was sound. A music without words. So primal, it almost felt like it was simply coming from my mind, not entering through my ears.

My body was floating. Literally. Because I was experiencing Nordik Spa-Nature’s Källa treatment, made available in a large salt water pool dug 5 meters deep into the rock.

Kalla treatment, Nordik Spa-Nature

To eliminate the weight of your own skeletal frame and simply float in the salt water was far more relaxing than I could have imagined.

But this was only one of the incredible stress-reducing experiences made available to me at Nordik, just outside of Ottawa.

Nordik Spa-Nature

If you haven’t yet experienced this gem of a place. You simply must.

You will walk in, but you will float out.

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  1. I’ve bought my friends gift certificates for the Nordik spa in Ottawa before! It is such a beautiful place. I didn’t know they had this treatment. I’ve heard of float houses before and they sound so great. I would love to do it one day.

    • A long time ago, a friend gave me a gift certificate to try a floating bath. It was an individual fully closed tub. I found it a bit unnerving, despite how wonderful the floating felt. This new Kalla treatment pool is much more my style … high ceilings, etc.

  2. I really need to stop by and take in some of Le Nordik’s treatments! I don’t know if I would want to leave Källa treatment. It sounds amazing!

  3. I LOVE Le Nordik, especially the Kalla bath, so worth the extra expense. My DH and I try to visit the spa at least once a year together and we really enjoy it. So lucky to have something like this so close to home!

    • It really is such a unique place! I noticed that on Tuesdays, they have a package for Girlfriends to enjoy the spa together. But I do love going with my hubby, too. The last time we went together, we did the baths, a massage, and tapas and wine. It was sooo nice.

  4. Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing. Your description makes me really want to try this!

  5. I want to come and try floating the tension out of my body. What a great photo of the relaxation under those blue lights!

  6. Wow how cool is that!! The feeling of floating is so calming…and cleansing for the body

    • Yes, I really think it does a body and mind good! My mom loved it so much that she wants to come to thermal baths at le Nordik at least once a month (I think I might aspire to this same goal when I’m retired too!)

  7. This sounds so amazing! I would love to go to a spa like this, I would love a floating feeling.

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