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You’re Not the Boss of Me! (+ a fun book giveaway)

I am so the boss of you - by Kathy Buckworth

Thankfully, I have not heard this uttered from the mouths of either of my children (yet?) but I can vouch for having spat them at my parents once or twice. To prepare myself for hearing these words one day, I picked up Kathy Buckworth‘s newly launched book I Am So The Boss of You.

Okay, let me back up. I actually picked up the book so that I could have it in hand for when she arrived into Ottawa for her book launch celebration. You know … friends, appetizers, drinks … yeah, that … I didn’t want to miss that! Hosted by Good Karma Baby’s Sherrie-Mae Guthrie and author Laurel Anderson, I wanted to show my support for Kathy on this extra notch in her belt (she has already written a slew of books, my favourite of which so far is The BlackBerry Diaries).

At the #BossOtt event

From left to right: Angele of Shoe-Box-Be-Gone, moi, Kathy, and Chris of Canadian Dad.

As the gathering at the Ottawa Marriott‘s Spin Kitchen Bar kicked off, Kathy explained that she’d had the premise of this book in the back of her mind for years. She could recall how her, and so many other women like her, were highly successful in their senior management positions but then floundered at home when it came to taking charge with the kids.  In response, she’s created what she calls “An 8-Step Guide” for taking charge and reclaiming your rightful position of Family Boss.

“Most moms I know want and sometimes claim to be the “CEO of their family.” That’s terrific. Except most of them are not good or effective CEOs. They are CEOs in title only. They haven’t done the due diligence within their families to ensure that their “team” has taken on the right responsibilities, established appropriate goals, and that everyone is clear in where they are going. This is a fundamental step in making sure you are an effective leader and not just another cliched bad boss.” [page 19]

However, the woman is a comedian at heart. So the advice is shared with some slapstick thrown in. As example, here is a section that discusses giving kids allowances.

“I think kids today get a bum rap. While they are still expected to pitch in on family chores, “experts” tell us not to pay them for “simply being a member of the family.” In my humble opinion, these “experts” are slightly demented. This is not the way the real world works. Employees don’t work for free, do they? Ah, but you might suggest that employees have chosen to be at work. Is it better to have the choice? Those of you who don’t have teenagers may not have had it recently pointed out that they “didn’t ask to be born.” [page 110-111]

Now, if you think this handy-dandy guide to taking charge of your family (with a lot of tongue in cheek!) is for you … don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you! When I bought my copy, I bought one for you too! AND I had it autographed especially for you:

authographed copy of Kathy Buckworth book

To Enter this Giveaway for one autographed copy of Kathy’s book:

  • Please be located in Canada so that the shipping won’t cost me a fortune
  • Leave a comment below telling me who’s the boss in your family
I will draw a lucky winner in one week’s time (Friday, April 12th between 3-3:30 pm) and notify them by email. Good luck! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family (no bossiness required!).

WINNER OF THE PRIZE IS ERIN!!! Congrats Erin! Right now, your baby boy might be the boss, but maybe with Kathy’s help you can get a promotion :) I will be in touch to get your mailing address. Enjoy!!! xo 


  1. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama) says:

    Such a great book ( and post to Julie)! I would have to say that the boss in our house, which is located in Canada, is mostly me :-) I just let my husband think he is, LOL.


  2. Jessica @ Just a Mum? says:

    I would like to believe that I’m the boss in my family, really, I would… but since I end up doing everything for everyone else, I guess I’m more like the executive assistant. I get stuck with all the dirty jobs too though.. so maybe I’m the intern? Although, I’m slightly more in charge than anyone else, no matter what my four year old might tell you, so we’ll pretend it’s me.

  3. though we hate to admit it and try not to let it happen, I think our 7 yr old son is the boss in this family! I love the inscription – you must be fabulous if you love Julie!

  4. Hubby thinks he’s the boss, but really it’s me. He won’t admit it. But I run the house. And the kids say it’s “mommy’s room, daddy just sleeps there…” so…. what does that tell you? But because I’m such a nice wife, I’ll let him think he’s boss. :)

  5. i am definitely the boss in our family!

  6. The boss in our house right now is definitely our baby boy!

  7. LOL, Oh how I wish I was the boss. Honestly, it’s got to be my 4yo. She is SO stubborn and frustrating, we all cater to her JUST so the screaming and shrieking is at a minimum. Not really fair to her 6yo sister but fingers crossed she settles down into a normal kid…they don’t call it the f*cking fours for nothing I guess 😉

  8. Stefanie Young says:

    I am SO the boss in my family!! The boys always tell me I’m too bossy. And I have already heard you are not the boss of me. And your day is coming…. It is easier to be they boss in my classroom.

  9. I’ve heard so much about this book this week – can’t wait to read it!

  10. Girlknits says:

    Hubby is the boss of our house, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. He’s better with decision making, money, etc…

  11. Hubby and I are co-bosses. After this weekend, we would really like to fire all three of our “employees”. I think we need this book!

  12. Right now, it’s the new puppy :) But seriously, my husband and I are co-bosses. I’m the boss on some things, he’s the boss on others. I would love to read Kathy’s book!

  13. Boss? We all think we’re the boss. Lately I’m ‘mean’ too…a mean boss maybe? lol

    I run things here. He runs things when he’s here WITH me. But I am so the boss of everyone, and I know it. :)

  14. I’m the Boss in the house and everyone knows it…even the cat! Outside the house, my husband is the boss, I’ll give him that.
    I am located in Canada.
    dreena_b at hotmail dotcom

  15. Cath in Ottawa says:

    I’m vp creative and human resources; my husband is vp operations. CEO position is up for grabs but no one seems to want it!

  16. I let my partner think he’s the boss of me….but really…’s me. Shhhh….don’t tell :) My stepson says he is the boss of the dog, lol.

  17. I am for sure the boss in this house. P.S. If I win shipping will be cheap. I will meet you somewhere as I am in ottawa too.

  18. Life of K says:

    I can’t believe I missed this! I want to be the boss but I’m more the co-boss with hubby.

  19. Susanna Hummel says:

    I am usually to blogging and i actually respect your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your web site and keep checking for brand spanking new information.

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