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A Catalogue Launch with a Twist #IKEAtimetravel

Ikea calls their catalogue “The Most Helpful Book in the World.” And I certainly can’t argue with that. I love (love!) a good catalogue and IKEA always does a top-notch job.

A catalogue that you want to keep as a reference in your home all year long? Yeah, that’s a good catalogue!

And if I’m going to keep a catalogue around my house it needs more than just a dull listing of products … it’s got to have some editorial value and some great ideas that I could actually use in *my* home (not like the white-washed pristine photos in home magazines where you can’t actually imagine that children live there!)

And yes, I am writing to say: IKEA’s 2015 catalogue has just launched!! (You can see it online here and printed copies can be ordered starting September 1st).

But this time, the marketing folks at IKEA are launching the catalogue with a twist. Beyond being able to see a future room in your home from inspiration from the catalogue, they’ve launched a videa to go with it. A time travel video. With a hypnotist.

So here’s how it works: they get a famous hypnotist to put young couples in a trance and then re-create events from the couples future. For example, in the first video that was launched today, the couple face a tween girl who is highly annoyed that her parents did not buy her a real live pony for her birthday. I have to admit that it’s funny to hear this couple who plan to have kids, but don’t have them yet, say: “Our kids will listen to us.” Riiigght.

Anyhow, I’ve posted the video below for your to check it out. Watch it (approx 4 minutes) and let me know what you think. (For me, it’s confirmation that we made the right decision to buy a house with more than one bathroom! :) You’ll see what I mean near the end of the video …. )

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