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Taking the Kids to NYC: Our Top 5 Highlights


NYC with kids? Yes, it's do-able and we did it! We are fortunate enough to have friends in NYC, so it makes taking a last minute trip a whole lot easier. Usually, however, it is either Hubby or I taking a solo trip. This time, we took the kids. With Max now 5 years old and Stella now 11, travel is also a whole lot easier. So we felt that the Christmas school holiday break was a window we couldn't resist. We left on December 30th and drove … [Read more...]

Midtown New York City with Kids (Part 1 of 2 on NYC with Kids)

Herckscher park in NYC

I really admire people who not only manage to travel with their kids but to do it on a reasonable budget (because let's be real, it's easy to do amazing vacations if money is no option!). Sarah is just such a person. She just amazes me with how she is able to plan fabulous trips for her family. This year, she went to New York City with her husband and her two boys. But it wasn't the first time she'd done this -- it was the 5th time she and her … [Read more...]

NYC’s Bowery District


I haven't found a home for this article, so I thought I'd share it on my blog. Perhaps it will entice you to take a long weekend in New York's Bowery district? If you do ... please come back and tell us all about your adventure! Hubby and I have been desperate to run off for a weekend in NYC again, but I've already booked the grandparents in to babysit as part of my Winter Resolution, so I may be pushing my luck to expect two weekends sans … [Read more...]