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A Weekend in Ottawa: The Governor General’s Arts Awards 2015

Ottawa Fashion Blogger Marilou Moles Never Fails to Impress

Last weekend, the Hubby and I dusted off some fancy-pants clothes and headed out to Canada's National Arts Centre to attend the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. I had been invited as a member of the media last year, and was thrilled to be invited again this year because this event is just spec-tac-u-lar. In addition to the actual show, there are some pre- and post-show activities to book-end the experience. Before the show … [Read more...]

Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Svengali: An Amateur’s Review

Before I start, let's be clear that I am certainly not a professional art critic and my dance training is so far behind me that I wouldn't even be able to properly name most of the moves. But since most audience members are likely more like me, rather than art critics, I thought it might be helpful to share my views on this ballet in case you're contemplating purchasing tickets.  I love the arts and I'm pretty much up for seeing any kind of … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Tickets for Svengali Ballet at National Arts Centre

"Svengali: A person who manipulates or exerts excessive control over another." The origin of the word we know commonly know as "svengali" is actually from a novel published in 1894 by George Du Maurier. In it, a singer named Trilby is captured by an unsuccessful musician, Svengali. Svengali manages to live a life of luxury by keeping Trilby under hypnosis, performing concert performances and living as his slave. In 1931, this same plot line … [Read more...]

Most Awesome Mother’s Day Present! (Ottawa giveaway)


EDITED TO ADD: I used and as the universe of random dictated the winner of this most awesome mother's day prize pack is Shakira Whitton! CONGRATS SHAKIRA -- I will be in touch with the details for how to use your prize! :) Quick! You seriously don’t want to miss this giveaway! And I will give it out just in time for Mother’s Day so you can give your mother, your wife – or, heck, just yourself (I won’t tell!) – a fantastic … [Read more...]

I witnessed my first flash mob performance!

Despite having spent more than a decade turning-out, tendue-ing, and ronde-de-jambe-ing, I don't generally care to see a traditional ballet. And when I do happen to be at the ballet, I usually find myself daydreaming or running through my endless to-do lists, which might have something to do with my still un-acquired taste for classic music. But when my fellow former bun-head Trish invited me to join her to see Canada's Royal Winnipeg … [Read more...]