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Rush, rush, rush — *poof!*

Christmas feels like a funny sport sometimes. You try to prepare early, but as the big day gets near, there’s nothing you can do but run, run, run … rush, rush, rush ..  give it your all … and then  — *poof!* — it’s over.


Just like that. Until next year of course. When you hope to prepare a little more, and keep things simpler, and bite your tongue more, and be a little more merry.

But, how was it, after all?

It was wonderful. As Christmas usually is in its own wacky way. In particular, my son is at an age where there is still magic in the air. I love his excitement. I love how he can throw himself into the moment fully. Wholly. I’m not sure what age that starts to disappear, but I am cherishing it now. He’s the baby here in our little family and soon, there won’t be the same kind of magic floating in the air on Christmas eve.

So before we start talking about putting away the decorations, here are a few moments that I want to keep tucked away in my heart’s memory from this year’s Christmas.

A special outing with my grandmother, who is 92, and loves whip cream on her hot chocolate. 


A beautiful winter walk with a crowd on kids, a girlfriend, and the singing of silly songs.  


A traditional Christmas meal, hosted at my parent’s, with all the family and way too much food.


The two kids and my “big kid” all playing together. Lego and Playmobile never get old!


I know that Christmas isn’t always the postcard occasion it’s portrayed to be. But, with most of us managing to eek out a few days off work and some time together with family, there’s usually a magic moment or two to hang on to. And I hope you had more than your share this year! Merry Christmas from me to you. xo


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments – that’s what Christmas is supposed to be all about.

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