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It’s Friday, Friends. And it’s all happening at Our House this weekend.

It’s been a busy summer at our house. And it will culminate this weekend with a massive family gathering. Among the guests will be my father’s two brothers — all three boys, all in one spot! It doesn’t happen often because one is in Ottawa, one is in Toronto, and one is overseas in Germany.

Photo: In 15 days I will be in Canada visiting my brother John in Ottawa and my other brother Ross will be there too!  I 'm really, really excited about seeing them and also my niece Julie and nephew Brendan, but too bad Meaghan and Adam will not be there.

Photo taken by my grandmother of her three boys. 1961.

In fact, the last time I recall seeing all three brothers together was at my grandmother’s funeral many, many years ago. But this time, it’s a joyful gathering since my Aunt and Uncle are flying in from Germany and we are so excited to see them.

So for this Friday’s music inspiration, I have “Our House” for you! Do you remember it? My brother B and I just loved it; we were young teenagers at the time and I can remember us singing along to it at full blast. Looking at this video now though, I am totally taken back by how young these guys look! (Sign of aging, I suppose. Everyone looks young. Ha!)


  1. chantal_mc says:

    i love that photo! I have 3 sons and I have so many photos of them together just like that one. I hope I live long enough to see them into old(er) age :)

  2. make sure to take lots of photos this weekend when you are all together :)

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