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Saturdays with Stella: Dracotopia (Part 2)

Original illustration by Stella.

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We are done thought Victoria.

Suddenly a female voice screamed a command and the dragon froze in its place. “Windisk! You know better than that!” the voice continued. “Stop threatening those …err… visitors”

The girl then walked out. She was about twelve years in age. She introduced herself as Cloeshi.

Cloeshi wore a toga under billowing robes but her feet were bare and a small wooden hair band type thing that was adorned with a single aqua marine gem in was in her tangled brown hair.

“Um… Do you know where we are?” asked Victoria.

Cloeshi slowly began to announce “welcome to Dracotopia, the utopia of dragons! Dragons do exist but this is the only place they do. We all live alongside the dragons. They help us, we help them.”

Cloeshi began to lead them to the village. The three of them walked at a brisk pace into the jungle.

“Won’t we be attacked by tigers?” asked Elizabeth.

“Not with Windisk around.” replied Cloeshi.

They soon reached a place where the trees thinned out. Cloeshi stopped abruptly and half said half yelled “here are the village, folks!” There was not a dwelling in sight.

“Oh yeah, the village is in the trees.” Cloeshi pointed to a hanging ladder. She leaped on to it and began to climb it, unfazed by the wobbliness and height. The two twins below started to reluctantly climb after her. They climbed up for about five minutes until they reached a collection of tree houses, all connected by rope brides.

There was a top level that was obviously for the dragons. Big perches were placed everywhere so dragons could land. “We can only keep flying dragons so we don’t have problems with getting them up here” explained Cloeshi.

Liz and Vicky were amazed at all they had seen. “We will get you a room and a dragon” continued Cloeshi. “Follow me to the hatchery.”

Come back again next week to find out what happens to Vicky and Liz! 

Stella is my 10-year-old daughter and on Saturdays, I let her rent this space from me because she thinks blogs are cool. It is her hope that her writing will appeal to kids her age as well as to the adults who read here too. (For the intro to Saturdays with Stella, click here.)


  1. Pam @writewrds says:

    Cool, Stella! I would love my own flying dragon and a home in the trees. (Can hardly wait to read more.)

  2. This is exciting to read. You have the amazing ability to keep the reader very interested throughout the story and I can’t wait until next week!!!!!!!

  3. Ralph Harrison says:

    I always wanted to live in a tree house. Love it ! Till next Saturday. :)

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