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Saturdays with Stella: The Dragon’s Story, St. George and the Dragon


Okay. I’m the dragon that you all know from St. George and the dragon. Or you think you know. First things first, my name is not “the dragon”, its Clive Harmonia. My life’s ambition is to save the wandering albatross, and to find out if knights taste best deep fried or microwaved on “popcorn”. As for the princess, her name is Mud Ash-Felt. I don’t eat princesses because they are gross and high in cholesterol. Anyways, a while ago, a … [Read more...]

Saturdays with Stella: Dracotopia (Part 3)

Original illustration by Stella.

To catch up, you can read Part 1 and Part 2. The dragon hatchery was the third highest building but not quite the biggest tree house there. It was twelve feet by twelve feet. It was on the east side of the village and the girls were on the west side so it took them another ten minutes to get there. Liz and Vicky were very tired by the time they got there for they had to scale across a series of logs carved into stair cases, swinging ropes, … [Read more...]

Saturdays with Stella: Dracotopia (Part 2)

Original illustration by Stella.

To start at Part 1, click here. We are done thought Victoria. Suddenly a female voice screamed a command and the dragon froze in its place. “Windisk! You know better than that!” the voice continued. “Stop threatening those …err… visitors” The girl then walked out. She was about twelve years in age. She introduced herself as Cloeshi. Cloeshi wore a toga under billowing robes but her feet were bare and a small wooden hair band type thing … [Read more...]

Saturdays with Stella*: Dracotopia (Part 1)


On a stormy night before the nineteen thirties, two sisters, twins to be exact, were huddled on a ship by themselves. They had set out on a voyage to Indonesia for a vacation, and all had gone totally wrong. Most of the crew members had fallen overboard, this included their father. Diseases spread, food ran out and the ship seemed to have a knack for getting attacked by sharks. Then soon scurvy began to take its toll. The sisters seemed to never … [Read more...]