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Saturdays with Stella: The Not-So-Awesome Things List (Part 1 of 2)

I’ve told you about my Awesome Things List before. Over the years, as you grow up, you also start to develop a list of stuff that drives you insane. This is my list of not-so-awesome.

#1: Clothes shopping: Mom: how about this shirt?  Me: Too Sparkly.  Mom: How about this one?   Me: Too tight.  Mom: What about this one?  Me: That monkey is so hideous; it’s going to give me nightmares for years. Mom: you are so picky.  Me: We could go to FabricLand and make me a toga out of fake leopard fur?  Mom: No.  Me: Can I go to school in my underwear?  Mom: No.  Me: Can we go to Toys on Fire, to buy Pokemon figures? I’ve been saving up for Mewtwo.  Mom: No, we came to get a shirt, not a Pokémon.  Me: Spug.




#2: Sleeping in: I just really don’t like knowing that I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and read and stuff. I like having a lot of goof around time.

#3: Going to the hair dressers: You have to sit in a chair with a ridiculous poncho on while a stranger does strange things to your hair. And for a few days afterwards when you shake your head a bunch of hairs fall onto your neck.

#4: That reoccurring episode of My Little Pony: When I hear the earwormy theme song I hold my breath in hope that this episode actually makes sense. Then when it starts it turns out to be that weird one that you’ve seen a million times.

#5: Paper cuts: It is slightly embarrassing getting a stinging cut that’s bleeding from a floppy sheet of compressed tree fibres.

Stella is my 10-year-old daughter and on Saturdays, I let her rent this space from me because she thinks blogs are cool. It is her hope that her writing will appeal to kids her age as well as to the adults who read here too. (For the intro to Saturdays with Stella, click here.)


  1. Sarah McCormack says:

    I completely agree with all except #2. sleeping in..sigh..wish i still could! maybe when you hit your teen years you’ll realize it is an actual art form :) great post…… as usual!

  2. Yeah, #3 has always freaked me out, too. 😉 I

  3. # 3 – TOTALLY agree. Add in that you have to chit chat about random stuff and it isn’t much fun. But sleeping in….oh how I wish I could sleep in….just wait until you have a toddler poking your eyes to get you up :)

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