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This was our 'dirty'

Looking back, I can see why my parents continued to fork over what was a considerable sum of money so that I could keep up with my dance classes. I still have no idea how they managed to afford it since I find two children’s activities costly, and they had four. But they did. Somehow.

Sure, they knew I loved it. And I begged to take as many classes as could humanly be squeezed into a highschooler’s schedule. Only now, as a parent myself, do I start to realize there could have been another reason.

Dirty-Dancing-movie-08[1]You see, while other highschoolers were indulging in house parties on the weekend, my circle of dance friends would get together and watch Dirty Dancing. We just never tired of it. I have no idea how many times we repeatedly watched this film (and White Nights — of course!) during those late 80s years.

I hadn’t seen Dirty Dancing since then, though. In honour of Patrick Swayze’s death, I just watched this iconic scene “Nobody puts Baby in a Corner.” The fact that Swayze is just as fabulous as what I remember didn’t surprise me. What did was that we actually considered this “dirty.” Compared to today’s pump-n-grind antics on the dance floors, this dirty dancing seems downright virginal.

Get it now? My parents must have thought that every penny spent on dance classes was worth it if it meant that my weekends were occupied with such relatively innocent behaviour — chocolate consumption and Dirty Dancing.

I’m sure glad they did. Cause I had the time of my life.



  1. I loved this movie too — even not being a dancer!

    RIP Patrick!

  2. Encouraging a kid’s passion and/or talent is always a good idea no matter how many sacrifices you have to make to make that happen. It helps with their self-esteem to be really good at something. It keeps them disciplined because they have to go to lessons and practice. And, like you said, it keeps them from doing stupid stuff which they might do if they didn’t have this something special in their lives. And, on top of everything else, it might even be their future career or at least a fall-back way of earning some money along the way. (Nice tribute to PS)

  3. I can’t believe he’s gone. I still hold Roadhouse as the greatest American movie of all time.


  4. Dirty Dancing was the first movie I ever saw twice in the theatre. I went for my 16th birthday with a friend of mine, and we loved it so much, we bought tickets for the very next showing — and watched it again! I listened to the soundtrack until my tape broke. I think I should get a copy for my 16-year-old niece for Christmas.

    Do you still dance at all? I also took dancing all through high school, then quit in university. I went back to tap about eight years ago and I love it. You should come out!

  5. Lovely post.

    Funny how what we considered so shocking seems so tame.

  6. coffeewithjulie says:

    Kelly – Oh, I’ve seen you dance! I think you definitely learned some moves from Patrick.

    XUP – I completely agree. It is one of my highest hopes that my children will find something they’re passionate about. And one of my greatest fears that they won’t.

    Ads – Can you believe I still haven’t seen Roadhouse. Must watch Roadhouse.

    Lynn – Sounds like we have similar stories. I danced all the way until leaving Ottawa for university. No classes existed my university so even if I wanted dance, there wasn’t anything available. One day I would really, really love to dance again. I think it takes a lot of guts to go back to the dance floor — I’m impressed! I never took tap, but if your studio offers jazz or ballet, I could be convinced.

    Nat – So true. Dirty dancing actually looks elegant compared to what I see on the SYTYCD series!

  7. I loved this movie, too. I have it on DVD now. I think I’ll watch it this weekend.

  8. Jules,
    Anyone who danced (and is our vintage) surely saw this film many times. It also struck a chord for me because it was not about the traditionally beautiful girl getting the hot guy. It was the smart, earnest girl who wins his heart (and insanely cut body). And let’s face it, if you’ve ever set foot in a dance class, you readily identify “a man who can dance” high on your list of things that are sexy. Patrick Swayze had that wrapped up.

    White Nights was in there too, with Baryshnikov adding the mystery of being foreign and having a cute accent. Just how many pirouettes did he do in that scene?? I can’t even remember at this point but I recall being slack-jawed watching it.

    Those childhood hours are never wasted. We always come back to our first love. It took me 25 years, but now I teach dance (in a manner of speaking). No regrets here.

    RIP Patrick. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Just catching up on your blog, LOVE the new look, btw. I don’t need to tell you how much this post struck a cord with me. :o) I was so sad when I heard P.S. has passed and I instantly thought of the hours I spent absorbed in D.D. The final scene still makes me cry when she nails that lift **sob**. Those were wonderful, innocent times with good friends. And I agree that what we considered dirty then is laughable now…watch any hip-hop video nowadays and you almost feel like blushing, LOL.

    Since I’ve already watched D.D. in P’s honour, I now have an incredible urge to watch White Nights!! I need a fix of Misha’s pirouettes to perk me up!


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