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With Apologies to my Husband on Valentine’s Day

Dear Hubby,

There’s no easy way to break this to you. I thought the heart-thumping joy when seeing his face would fade, but alas, it’s been four years now and I need to accept that my love for him is simply far stronger than even I could have imagined. (That’s right, I’m telling you that I’m in love with another man via my blog. If being in love with another man doesn’t have you running for the door, that surely will.)

While I’ve always fallen for a kind of handsome that is tall and dark, and that of course includes Don Draper you, this man is fair-haired and, well, he’s significantly shorter than you. You have those seductive chocolate brown eyes, but his sparkle like a clear blue ocean on a sunny day.

I know you’ve always felt secure in your role her at home because, without you, you’re certain we’ll all succumb to scurvy. But recently, my little man has taken quite a shining to cooking. And where he lacks in talent, he makes up with creativity. In particular, he has a real flair for pasta.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking — “I’m not just a great family cook, I’m dedicated to outdoor pursuits and without me, the family would probably never leave the house in the winter!” But like me, he’s learning to love winter sports. And his sense of humour always warms me up.

Are you starting to feel panicked now, darling? Don’t torture yourself. You are a wonderful cook, a wonderful guide to the world outside our doors, and well, yes, you do certainly fix a lot of things around here and even make some wonderful things too (you won’t mind if I keep the dining table in our settlement agreement, will you?). He has his own talents … uncommon talents that are tied to a brilliant mind. I’m not exaggerating dear. Honestly. Because he’s the thing: he makes robots. ROBOTS!

It’s not that you’ve been neglectful, no not at all, sweetheart. It’s just that when he looks at me all sleepy-headed, presses his chubby cheeks into my face, and asks “I sweep wif you?”, it’s beyond my control.

Love Julie xo


  1. Ya, doesn’t really matter how tall, dark and handsome your hubby is, there’s no way to fight that kind of love. My hubby gave up that competition years ago and conceded to the shorter and chubbier rival for my affection. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. xoxo

  2. oh I have 3 of those, my poor husband doesn’t stand a chance!

  3. Oh, such a cutie pie!

  4. that’s the best valentine message i’ve seen all day.
    you rock and fond thoughts to all of you.

  5. Heather Inspired says:

    Aw! My Valentine is 7 years old too and I got showered with gifts that he made – the best one being a heart made out of Lego! Yours sure is a cutie, totally huggable!

  6. Dani@Lifeovereasy says:

    Adorable post and adorable Valentine! Don’t blame you for falling head over heels! My 2 special Valentines are teens now, but still adorable 😉

  7. Jacqueline says:

    The love this note – what a predicament to be in. :)

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