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Would your husband notice?

In More magazine’s September issue, a writer gets her face pumped up with injectable filler and bets that her husband won’t notice. Or at least she hopes, since he’s philosophically against these kind of “youthenizer” treatments.

Her article “Is my epidermis showing?” reads a bit like a sad commentary on modern family life. When her husband arrives home after work, she’s on pins and needles wondering if he is going to notice. Instead:

He comes in the door, calls hello and asks if there is any dinner left. I approach, smile and say I made a lovely dinner and there’s plenty left for him.

“Great. Thanks.” He brushes past me and sits with his dinner and the newspaper. Good. I guess.

 Huh? That’s the extent of their interaction? It’s no wonder then that he doesn’t notice her face. He probably wouldn’t notice if she got an entire face-lift done!

But as much as I would like to distance myself from this writer (who is going by the pyseudonym “Ivana Filler” – LOL), I have to wonder … would my husband actually notice if I got a filler? What do you think — would yours?


  1. I have three friends who had Botox and their husbands didn’t notice. They were thrilled. I think the result of stuff like that should be that you look rested, rather than done. I think that’s the mark of any good cosmetic procedure. A nose job made my face look “softer”, not fundamentally different or “done”, by all accounts. Women who have things done and look done, should ask for their money back from their surgeons. Or should seriously adjust their goals.

  2. Depends how much filler. If I came home with trout mouth I think he might. (Not sure.) I got one the cosmetic fillers lip glosses because my friend and hair dresser dared me to try it. I thought I looked a touch puffy but he didn’t notice a thing.

    But he doesn’t notice much…

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