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A Curtain Rod

Unlike every “reality” television show, I have concluded that unless you are extremely well-heeled, creating a home in a decor that you love takes a very long time. In our old home, I never bothered because we had always planned to reno the place and I didn’t want to invest in something only to find it didn’t work after the reno. But now, Hubby and I are in agreement that with this home, we will take the time to invest and surround ourselves with things that we really enjoy. We are making progress.

Sometimes the progress is more dramatic than other days, though. For instance, if you walked into our home and we had a beautiful new sofa, you’d notice. But if you walked into our home, and we had installed a new curtain rod, you wouldn’t. However, now that I have grown this new-found love for interior decor, a new curtain rod brings me just as much satisfaction as a new sofa.

So, here, without further adieu, I am going to share our new curtain rod. I think it does far better justice to our new curtains in the front sitting room than the old one. But maybe you’ll care to disagree.

Here is the old rod. I came with the house when we moved in and I didn’t really mind it at all. But it was missing a bracket and drooping in the middle, so we needed to replace it with a new one.

Gate Stitch Drapery

I went around to Bouclair Homes and a few other go-to spots for this kind of thing with no luck. Then I met my brother at Lowes one Sunday when he was picking up drywall and decided to look there.

I went a different direction from the old rod’s tarnished bronze and got a tarnished silver rod. The plan is to have grey as a main colour in this room, so I thought it might work. Or at least I hoped it would since I stood in Lowes trying to decide on it for ages and ages, while four kids ran around the store.

Curtain Rod from Lowes, Curtains from Tonic Living

I think the older rod took too much attention away from my gorgeous new drapes, which I had custom-made for the room by Tonic Living. (You can read about the whole process here.) With the new white walls, the silver doesn’t stand out as much but still adds a finishing touch.

full view of front sitting room curtains

The ends of the rod, have some bronze blended into the silver. I like that too. Since it helps coordinate them with the curtains in a subtle way.

Curtain rod end detail

So, it’s official. A $60 curtain rod can make me happy.


  1. I am very much in like with your curtain rod.

  2. ha ha, looks great :) The colour of curtain rods is such a personal choice. I did the opposite and went for black ones, because our ceiling are low and I wanted to draw the eye towards the ceiling. But, as I said, it’s such a personal choice :) I love watching the progress you’re making :)

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      @Nataliya Yes, of course, personal choice! I didn’t really want to draw the eye to the rods, but still wanted them to look pretty :)

  3. And they say money can’t buy happiness! Apparently, it takes 60 dollars!  =)
    I love the new curtain rod – it’s more fresh and modern! Happy Thanksgiving to you Julie and to your family!
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  4. tweepwife says:

    I love your curtain rod. And I love that something like this can make you happy. I have little things like this too – they just give me an “aaah” feeling. Lovely.

  5. Looks great! I love Tonic Living! Just curious as to how operational your curtains are with the hidden tabs? I love that this style doesn’t require the purchase of $$rings$$, but I need some curtains that open/close easily.

    • coffeewithjulie says:

      Hi Laura! These curtains are operational – we close them in the evening when we’re sitting in the front room. They would not be as smooth and as easy to close as other styles though. However, we really like the flat, simple look of the hidden tab so we’re willing to take the extra 5 seconds required to pull them across. Two things to keep in mind though: (1) It actually costs more to get this type of finish completed so you don’t end up saving any money in the end from not buying the rings. (2) In the 12 foot curtain rods, I noticed that there were rod widths of 1″ or 1 1/4″ and I opted for the 1″ to make it easier to pull the curtains open and shut. I hope that helps answer your question! :)  Julie

  6. Seriously the curtain rod, curtains and the rod nob are in perfect synchronization. I just loved your taste.


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