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BOLO: voices behind blogs

Some people hate it when their favourite books are made into movies. The movie just never measures up. That’s generally a given. But personally, I love it.

I love comparing how I imagined a character to look — and move and speak — to the movie’s version. Sometimes it’s very close, but sometimes it is so vastly different that it simply reinforces why reading is just such a wonderful, uniquely personal experience.

In some ways, reading a blog is like that. There are blogs that I’ve read for years and years. I imagine the writer behind the words a certain way … how they would pronouce a certain expression, where they would raise the inflection of their voice. Many of the blogs I read have a photo of the author, so it really comes down to how that face might move when they speak and would their voice be smooth like butter, or intense and shaking with emotion.

A year ago, I had the chance to hear some of my favourite bloggers read from their blogs. It was at an event called BOLO, or Blog Out Loud Ottawa. It was a real joy.

And as a newly minted blogger who had just started dipping her toes into what I would learn are very deep waters of the blogosphere, I was so grateful to be warmly welcomed by Lynn, who is the creative force behind BOLO and the blog Turtlehead, to the event as a reader. I read my post and people listened. But even better, so many Ottawa bloggers took the time to come and introduce themselves to me. I knew then what I know even better now — the blogging community in Ottawa rocks. (I wrote about my first BOLO experience here.)

The next BOLO is just around the corner — July 7th. I’m going to be a reader again (despite the fact that I have yet to find a babysitter … I’ll be the harried-looking woman with the toddler up past his bedtime and the young girl who hasn’t stopped chatting since she arrived), and today I’m the featured blogger on the BOLO site. Start time is 7pm and it’s taking place at Irene’s Pub on Bank Street. There is no cost to attend and it’s a casual affair where you can hang out and have a beer (or wine, or whatever you please) and come and go as you please.

Blog Out Loud - July 7, 2010

So please consider this your personal invitation to attend and hear the voices behind the words of so many fantastic blogs in this city! You can see the full list of readers here, as they are announced one by one on the BOLO site.

I really hope to see you there!   :)


  1. Looking forward to it, hope to meet some faces behind the blogs and maybe pick up a tip or two!

  2. Hi Maranda! I’d love to meet you if you make it out … will I be able to recognize you by the purple hair? Come say hello!

  3. I wish I lived in Ottawa – sounds like a great event!
    Have fun!

  4. I am looking forward to attending my first BOLO and hearing some of my favorite bloggers read. It will be interesting to hear which posts bloggers select. (don’t tell us!) Very cool of Lynn to organize the event and introduce us to new blogging gems. See you then Julie…good luck!

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing what you read!

  6. The Ottawa blogging community really does rock. As far as I know, I think we’re the only city in the universe with such and organized blogger community. It would be fun to find out if that’s true though. Last year I didn’t know what to expect. I thought sitting in a hot cafe for 3 hours listening to people read would be kind of….. I don’t know… but it was so much fun. See you there!!

  7. I went to my first blogging event a month or so ago. It was wonderful. If I lived closer, I would most definitely be there. : )

  8. Yay! I’m reading too, and I can hardly wait to see you and everyone else.

  9. I’m looking forward to meeting you Julie, and to hearing you read. See you there!

  10. This sounds wonderful! I’m sure it is so nice to actually meet the people behind the blogs! Enjoy every moment.

  11. Julie, happy belated blogiversary to you, and hooray for meeting bloggers “IRL”!

    After a few Twitter meet-ups (um, tweet-ups, I think the kids call them) here in L.A. in the past few months, I’ve already expanded my horizons, a little like you and the wonderful world of BOLO; but now, I’ve been able to take the BOLO concept to the next level.

    Just returned a few days ago from a big travel bloggers’ conference in New York City called TBEX, and it blew my mind to meet dozens and dozens of people who had previously been words and social media avatars to me. I suddenly feel so…connected!

    Here’s my post about the experience, in case you want to see what it would be like to take BOLO all across, say, Canada:

    In the meantime, next year’s TBEX will be in Vancouver in June. I know it’s no Ottawa…I’m just sayin.’ :)

  12. BOLO sounds like an amazing event! A blogging friend of mine read as well but I hadn’t seen the follow-up. Sorry I missed it. Thanks for capturing the pics.

    P.S. Love your site graphics/layout. Looking forward to poking around a bit more.

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