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My Christmas list is short and sweet

As a member of a new blogger network called the UrbanMoms, I was asked to blog what I would like for Christmas … not what I was buying and ticking off my list for everyone else. Me, moi! What did I want. Here’s what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!

Just the other night,

My sweetheart turned to me and said,

Please dear, do write

A little something before bed.


What is this about, I asked him.

To which he shared his doubts,

Going on a limb,

he didn’t want to seem a lout.


You see, he did not have a clue

What his wife of so many years

Might desire as a Christmas due,

Such were his great fears.


Oh, I laughed and told him

Fear not, my list is neat.

It is but like a hymn,

So short and sweet.


It starts with A, and ends with E.

And would make my life so lovely.


Oh, then, you must tell me now,

Pleaded he — and how!


Alright, my love I’d tell you dear,

The thing I want most is Alice, here.


Alice? He asked, looking around confusedly.

Like Alice Springs, or Alice Cooper, or perhaps you mean …


Yes, Alice! I shouted with glee.

But not those Alices, you silly bee!


I want Alice Nelson, you see.

For with Alice, I could be

Just as bubbly 

As that Carol Brady!


If I had an Alice, I too

Could be cheerful and chummy,

Patient and cute,

Sporting a flat tummy!


So, for Christmas, I tell you,

My list is short and sweet.

It starts with A, and ends with E.

And you’re sure to get lucky if you get it for me!


This Holiday post is
sponsored as part of the UrbanMoms Network.

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  1. You are just so clever! Was this inspired by your silly poetry post? :-)

  2. Hilarious, Julie! My birthday is December 24 and my husband seems to be especially stumped by what to get me for my birthday and Christmas. Mind if I borrow your idea? :)

  3. Ya gotta love Alice. I’d like one of those too. This is brilliant Julie. Let me know if you get her (and her cantakerous butcher boyfriend Sam). :-)

  4. Hilarious was this ! Loved your writing style julie! Still few months to go for my birthday so right now no one’s asking me as to what I want !
    Presents Speak
    What do his gifts indicate of him?

  5. Great poem! I’d like an Alice too!

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