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Saturdays with Stella: Dogs or Cats?

dog or cat person?

Wondering what Saturdays with Stella is all about? It is a column written by my 10-year-old daughter, which was first introduced here

Now have you ever had an argument with a friend about whether dogs or cats were better? You’re not alone.

I used to be a dog person because we had a big black dog with a white stripe down his chest. I was only a dog person because I had never really interacted with a cat before.

Then one of our neighbours got two cats — T.T. and Blackbeard. They always came into our yeard and I would spend hours petting them. At that point, I decided both cats and dogs were good.

I’m pretty sure that you think that the animal you favour is smarter than the other type. But think about it like this: the dogs and cats don’t care if they are smarter or better than each other, so why do we care so much?

Even if you can’t stand cats, it’s not like they are evil. On lots of dog based shows or movies, the cats are bad and snooty just because they can’t be trained.

So the next time you make an opposition to a dog or cat, think again.


  1. Cats are better. You have to earn their friendship. Dogs mindset: “You had me at hello.”

  2. Ross Harrison says:

    Hi Stella.  A great article.  It really made me think.  I’ve had many cats and also many dogs and at one time I had two cats (a brother and sister) and a dog all at the same time.  They got a long famously.  The dog (Brandy was her name) would get jealous of the cats (Monk and Billy) as they could go when they pleased.   And if they wanted to go out they just went to the door and out they would go.  Whereas Brandy had to go when I told her to go. She had to be on a leash and she had to behave.  She even went to dog obedience class and I am not aware but I have never heard of a cat obedience class.  Truth is they are both unique animals and we are lucky to be able to share our lives and homes with them.  But if you ask me I prefer dogs!  Just a preference.  Those cats are sneaky.  hehe.   thanks Stella!  Keep up the great writing.

  3. neighbour c says:

    hey Stella I can not decide so i like both(i prefer a bunny because they do not go crazy)

  4. Kim Beahen says:

    Well, I would have to be a CAT lover, being the owner of TT and Blackbeard (rest in peace).  Happy to hear you still remember them so fondly.  Great article, Stella.  I will read your blog regularly.

  5. Adam Harrison says:

    Theoretically, you can teach a dog to get you stuff from the fridge. 
    Game. Set. Match.

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