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Saturdays with Stella: Get to Know the Column

Hi, readers! I’m sure you know that this is not my mom. This is my own little column I will be updating it every Saturday as the title suggests. This is a great opportunity for kids my age to have a weekly column to read that is written by a kid their age. This article is to show how a kid thinks about a broad selection of topics. Sometimes I will talk about simple kid pleasures such as realising it’s a snow day to finally being let outside after a loooooooong skull-numbing lecture on algebra and two- step division. Sometimes I may talk about heavier (but not disturbing or inappropriate) subjects or occasionally a little fantasy writing which I hope you will enjoy. I hope this might become something you look forward to. If you want you can write comments and I will try my best to respond to. I look forward to writing in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (excessive use of exclamation marks!)




  1. Stefanieteach says:

    Morning Stella! I read once that women use more exclamation makes than men. Welcome to womanhood!! Lol I look forward to Saturday mornings for one more reason now. BTW, I am sure it is your dad giving the mind numbing lectures, not,your teachers, eh? Horror!

  2. Hi Stella!!!
    What a pleasure to see this!!!  Being your former Kindergarten teacher – from many years ago- I’m very proud of you and looking forward to reading your column.  As most teachers would say, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  3. Adam P Harrison says:


    I can’t wait to read these every week! I’m particularly eager to read some of your fantasy writing!

  4. Ross Harrison says:

    Hi Stella.   This old kid is looking forward to reading your column!

  5. Ralph Harrison says:

    Hi Stella.

    Congratulations on your first “Saturday with Stella” Column. I’m going to enjoy reading them!

  6. neighbour c says:

    hey Stella I am looking forward to reading your column on saturdays.Maybe you should write about our snow hotel :)

    • stella: Hi c! thanks so much for the comment! I was actually thinking of doing that for the new years edition! I will definitely do that! Keep your eyes peeled for ” Snowy Eagle Plaza” next week!   

  7. Jkharrison01 says:

    can’t wait to read your column. Congratualtions
    John H.

  8. Maggie on Main says:

    Stella I just saw this new addition to the blog! Good job I started 2013 right by reading the blog! You are as creative as your Mom and these will be so interesting to read! 

  9. Jacqueline D. says:

    Let the creative ideas flow – this is great!  I love seeing your art work and would love to know more about how you get inspired to draw the things you do and if there are any interesting stories behind them.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

  10. Can’t wait to read your columns! Please make sure to put up lots of your artwork and I love exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello Stella,

    Wow! You are a great writer … like Mom!  I am looking forward to reading your Saturday column.
    Ms. Norma

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