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Solo vacation, anyone?

I have a girlfriend who takes an annual vacation by herself. Nothing fancy … she just picks a nearby city and books herself into a hotel room. Sometimes she meanders about the local sights and sometimes she just hangs out in her room, watching movies and ordering-in her favourite foods. She’s a big believer that this kind of break is not only good for her, but for her marriage and for her energy as a stay-at-home mother.

After exactly one day of summer break with my children, I’ve come to the conclusion that a solo vacation is highly desirable. Sure, I know, all the parenting blogs are giving you tips on family vacations, but I’m going to veer in an entirely different direction and give you a tip for travelling solo: visit the site and click on “City Guides.”

I came to know about this site because its owner hires travel writers to develop its “City Guides.” These guides are designed specifically for the solo woman traveller. The Ex in The City site itself has been developed for a niche audience: the woman starting over after a divorce. But there’s no reason why these city guides aren’t perfect for us mothers (and fathers!) among us who just want a little breather.

If you’re game, here’s the guide I wrote for Toronto:

And if you’re one of my friends in Sydney, consider this Melbourne guide:

And if you really can’t bring yourself to travel alone — take me!

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