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The Dreams We Have For Our Children

I overheard this conversation last night:

Father #1: My kids are going to be on the Yearbook Club. For sure.

Father #2: Oh, were you on the Yearbook Club when you were in high school?

Father #1: God no! That was for losers.

Me: *laughing hysterically*

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  1. I may have snorted a bit there. And not just because I was a yearbook photographer *sigh*

  2. Hey! I was in the yearbook club and I was definitely not a ….. oh wait…
    Never mind. Sigh.

  3. Kids those days are on Facebook, no need for a yearbook!

  4. Ditto Finola. Sigh. Some years I WAS the whole yearbook staff.

  5. At least the Yearbook Club was “cooler” than the AV Club. lol

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