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The Week of the Rain Cheque

I have holed myself up in my bedroom with a new episode of Glee and a beer (yes, I’m out of red wine). Actually, as this episode moves forward, I’m starting to suspect that this too is another Glee repeat. Which would go with the rain cheque theme of my week.

Here is what I have managed to do so far this week:

  • Shower
  • Work
  • Wash dishes
  • Laundry

That’s it. Just the very basics for me this week. Everything else is on rain cheque. I just can’t manage more than the basics right now. Well, yeah, I’m sure I could if I really tried. But every now and then I allow myself to do a rain cheque week. This means that I do the basics and allow myself to “rain cheque” everything else. Sometimes I suspect that this annoys, offends or makes people roll their eyes. But, hey, I know what works. And shutting down every now and then to recharge works for me.  

Here is what I have rain chequed this week:

  • Dentist appt
  • Hairdresser appt
  • Boot camp (tonight)
  • Wearing co-ordinating clothes
  • Cooking (okay, I never do that)

I used to think I was the only person who “indulged” themselves like this, but then a woman who became a wonderful friend told me she does what she calls “going to the cave.” By this, she does basically what I’m doing right now … holing herself up on her own for a bit.

How about you? Do you do any kind of preservation techniques like “rain chequing” or “going to the cave”? Or do you just push through and get’er done?


  1. I guess every week is rain cheque week for me. I get done what needs to get done, and that is pretty much all I can manage. It feels tiring though and I wish it wasn’t like this.

  2. I try and push through everything but that doesn’t always work. I do what is important and then i usually push the rest till tomorrow.

  3. I never really thought of it in that way. I do give myself rain cheque weeks. Or I used too, more often than I do now. I think with the baby around those rain cheque weeks are harder to recover from. But I do occasionally give myself rain cheque nights. The nights where I am in bed at the same time as the kids. Nights were the dirty dishes stay in the sink and the laundry stays wet in the washer :)

  4. Oh, I am LOVING on this idea. I sometimes have a single day when I know I can’t handle anything outside the basics, and I call that “survival mode.” But your description is much gentler and more positive – it’s a recharge week, a time to just pull it all together. I am already looking for something to rain cheque!

  5. I borrowed a term from a friend several years ago, it was a strategy she used/uses with great ease and success. She calls it moving things to the ‘to don’t’ list. We often (always?) obsess about getting done everything on our ‘to do’ list. Now you can happily shove it over to the to don’t list and give yourself a freaking break!
    Good for you, Jules, you deserve a week off!

  6. I really want to let myself do this, but would be afraid that I would do it all the time. I am impressed that you do it – it must be a great recharge!

  7. Rain cheque…the only thing that’s resonated with me is the rain part. I know you’re east of us but I think we get similar weather, so when the RAIN stops and we get get recharged by sunshine and more outdoor activity, perhaps our energy levels will improve?

    My basics are grocery shopping, cooking, and starting laundry (I never finish laundry…). Then I sit on email and tell myself I’m productive…

    Happy Easter Weekend!

  8. M'inator says:

    So interesting to read this – for years the early night bath ritual (which my family has never quite understood) has served this purpose. It is even better now that I have a jacuzzi type tub! we need the reflective time from today and for tomorrow. Keep it up!

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