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Clever Billboard Ads for your Coffee Break

revolution_strategy_logo[1]As you know, I love to chat-up Canadian businesses. This morning I came across an awfully cool ad agency via LinkedIn: Revolution Strategy. And no, they’re not located in Toronto! Nope, not even in Vancouver. They’re out East, in New Brunswick to be precise. How great is that?

In fact, they’re so cool that I’d even move back East (I was born there, did you know?) from my lovely little spot here in Manotick. [*hint*hint*wink*wink* Ms. Riedle*]

Okay, dear readers, here’s what I have for you this morning: An oh-so-clever list of billboard ads, courtesy of a link from Revolution Strategy’s blog Snoop. Check it out – it’s worth it:
My favourite is the bubble gum one. What’s yours?


  1. I like the razor add… if only disposable razors were so effective…

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