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My Ill-Informed Oscars Predictions

Tonight is the night! It’s pajamas and tiaras, accompanied by yummy food and great gals.

I did do my best to cram in as many of the nine films that were nominated for best picture this year. In the end, I saw: Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Lincoln, and Silver Linings Playbook. I also really wanted to catch Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, but that didn’t happen.

But just because I haven’t seen most of the films and just because I haven’t read any critical reviews as the Oscars approach, I won’t be stopped in making my own Oscar predictions. Who cares if they’re ill-informed, right? I mean, really, after all, it’s a bunch of people in one industry congratulating themselves on their own work. (Although I do feel terrible for them. Apparently this year is the lowest value swag bag in history. A paltry $48,000 in free goods.)

Here goes!

Best Picture: Les Miserables

Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Day Lewis (it seems a touch obvious though)

Actor in a Supporting Role: Tommy Lee Jones (although I also loved Christoph Waltz)

Actress in a Leading Role: Emmanuelle Riva

Actress in a Supporting Role: Anne Hathaway

Animated Feature Film: Brave

Cinematography: Anna Karenina

Costume Design: Les Miserables

So, tell me your own ill-informed predictions! Or perhaps you are an avid movie-watching and you have an informed opinion … tell us that too! Here is the full line-up of nominations to help you out.


  1. Sarah McCormack says:

    as much as i loved Les Mis, i don’t think it has a chance at Best Picture. hope you prove me wrong.

    I think Jennifer Lawrence may get best actress, although i didn’t think she gave an Oscar worthy performance.

    Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day Lewis for sure. and Adele will win for SONG i think!

    i hope the director award goes to Ang Lee for Life of Pi..haven’t seen it (didn’t love the book) but i just really like him.

    • I would agree … Les Mis is not a Best Picture film really. But frankly, this year’s crop isn’t that great from what I’ve seen. I couldn’t think which film would be a “best.” Maybe Amour? (Haven’t seen it, so I don’t know.)

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